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Changi Jewel canopy park

The Changi Jewel canopy park is a man-made indoor park on the upper floors of the Singapore Changi Airport Jewel complex. It is a vast open roof top area covered by the top glass domed roof of the jewel complex. The man-made park sits on the 5th floor of the domed shopping mall. It is a verdant garden under a glass dome. Let’s have a walk through the park with an exploration.

The flower display at the Changi Jewel canopy park on the roof
The flower display at the Changi Jewel canopy park on the roof.

Additionally, at first impressions, sitting in a climate control bio-dome or sorts, it does bear similar resemblance to that of the flower dome and cloud forest at the Singapore’s Garden by the Bay at Marina reservoir. But the offerings here at the Jewel are smaller, and more family focused too.

Park entrance
Ticketing booths
Jewel roof floor

A rooftop garden

Moreover, the Jewel’s top floor is also home to several pubs and restaurants, such as Tanuki and the Burger and lobster establishment we visited previously. These which are notable more active as night hang-outs. Also, the canopy park touts to offer 14,000 square meters of recreational wonderland for all to play or dine under the sparkling glass canopy amidst luscious foliage.

The walkway running through under the Jewel fantastic glass dome
The walkway running through under the Jewel fantastic glass dome.

The entrance of the park has a line of self-help ticketing kiosks as well as a manned counter to buy tickets. An entry ticket costs $5 an entry package including entry to minor attraction. At the entrance of the Canopy park sits two attractions with their own admission fees Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze. The hedge maze greets you here and is a small sector with interactive elements within and a vantage point viewing deck. Notably during special events like last Christmas, entry to the maze is included with the canopy park entrance fee.

Topiary Walk flower animals

Hear see no evil at the Changi Jewel canopy park flower garden
Hear and see no evil at the flower garden.

The Topiary walk has several musings of interests like specially arranged bright flowers made to look like animals. Examples includes native tropical animals, such as birds, orangutans, crocodiles. The trial ends with a reflecting pool area with a pink elephant squirting water from its trunk.

A mini zoo or sort with a peacock display peeking at the Topiary Walk
A mini zoo or sort with a peacock display peeking at the Topiary Walk.

Additionally, the Topiary Walk is best visited in the day or when it is still bright as the attraction is quite dimly lit at night, where you won’t be able to fully appreciate the colours of the flowers.

Got croc?

Also, besides the elephant fountain, there are some reflecting pool water features here. These lily ponds cast great reflections of the building roof. Moreover, the park runs in a circular anti-clockwise fashion along the perimeter of the Jewel building. The HSBC rain vortex squarely always sitting towards your right with the roar of its water always reaffirming you of its nearby presence.

Bonsai plants
Park pathway

Discovery slides and Foggy Bowls

Moving along the central pathway brings you to the Discovery Slides. It is a minor children attraction I would recommend checking out. The view on the top of the slide structure offers the best and highest vantage views of the HSBC rain vortex.

The Discovery slides vantage viewing point from the viewing deck nearly touching the glass roof of the Jewel
The Discovery slides vantage viewing point from the viewing deck nearly touching the glass roof of the Jewel.
Spot the birds?
Park pathway
Children corner

Also, the slides entrance fee are included with your Changi Jewel canopy park ticket, only that not all slides could be operational during your visit. Wrapping up on family elements are the Foggy Bowls as well as a TV cartoon viewing and play area by a park midway toilet stop.

Shiny discovery slides
Climbing up the discovery slide
Slide unit

Moreover, the foggy bowls is an interesting spot, with large synthetic grass bowls which emits smoke at regular intervals. It always amuses kids who likes to use the area to play catch.

Changi Jewel canopy park Foggy bowls is a peculiar attraction which always amuses kids as a big playground.
Foggy bowls is a peculiar attraction which always amuses kids as a big playground.

Manulife Skynets

Through the park, you can find several giant nets hanging over the mall atrium area. This is the Manulife Sky Nets available in both Walking and Bouncing variants. Entry to the Manulife Sky Nets costs a more pricey $38 for adults and $27 for children. It does adds a bouce to your visit, not to mention seeing the mall from the different perspective. It is definitely not for those with vertigo!

Furthermore, it also includes bundled access to the attraction’s hedge maze, bridge and skynet walk. Moreover, notably, to boost visitor ship during the Covid-19 lockdown, the canopy park for a limited period, offered free entry during operating hours to the park too.

Also, mirror attractions up here also includes the Canopy Bridge. It is an overhanging suspension bridge which you can cross overlooking the HSBC rain vortex. Lastly, wrapping the last attraction in canopy park is the Petal Garden. It is a small manicured sector housing fragrant flower planters.

Also, this flower garden sits just before the exit turnstiles leaving the park back at the entrance in a circle. Notably the petal garden is regularly re-themed to current events, like the Magical Christmas event we visited last year. On my visit, it has an orchid display with mouse figurines to mark the year of the rat.

Nets over mall
Petal garden

All in all, the Changi Jewel canopy park is something which never gets old. I always make it a point to visit it each time I am there. The park at Jewel Changi Airport (78 Airport Blvd) opens daily 10:00am – 11:00pm, with the nearest MRT station being the Changi Airport station.



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