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YMCA Colors Coffee House

It had been about 2 years since I’ve eaten at the Metro-Y Coffee House at YMCA (along Stevens road). Previously about 5 years ago, it was the best place for Chinese style Claypot Chicken rice. Indeed the best so far I’ve ever tried, even beating the popular ones at Clementi & People’s Park Food Center – not too dry, no burnt taste & rice at the bottom, yet topped juicy with chunky chicken, greens, chinese sausages & traces of salted fish for taste. Not to mention the juicy steaks from the western menus on hotplate, tenderising!

Till the Metro-Y Coffee House changed hands into the Colors Coffee House 2 years before, things were down the drain – their Chinese chef left & the western menu got revamped, offering a fine dining experience, a nightmare to quantity orientated eaters like me. Our last visit years back was definately a turn down, well.. till Mum decided to bring the family there again yesterday after our years of absence. At first glance things hadn’t changed much, few of the old waiters & waitresses were still around, some were even promoted to cashiers, etc and amazingly they can still recognised us. Otherwise most of the staff are all new. Sitting at our usual table, layouts are all still the same. Cultery & cups are all still the same (duh) where I can only awe at the remarkable quality.

YMCA Colors Coffee House
At the coffee house
YMCA Colors Claypot Chicken Rice
Trademark Claypot Chicken Rice
YMCA Colors Beef Steak
YMCA Colors Set Beef Steak

Nevertheless the really interesting thing is the food. The chicken claypot rice ($7.50 current, $4.50 3 years ago) is like resurrected , almost like the old one though the rice was a little burnt there is room for improvement. The favorite beef steak is not served on hotplate anymore but for half the price ($22.50 prev, $12.50 current) we get soup, bread, coffee/tea & single scoop ice-cream dessert.

Not bad food & quite affordable too, I guess I should see myself going there to eat more often too.

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