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Monday, July 15, 2024

Singa inn

With respect to all my previous posts, I guess I did better start posting.. erm shorter blogs? or maybe use the “more feature” so as not to make things appear so lengthy.

😛 Dinner was at singa inn at along east coast road yesterday, mum saw this offer for $15++ per head for a full steamboat seafood buffet. The range while I helped myself mostly to the yong tao hu & lettuces, the meat & drunkard prawns which don’t seem to be able to keep themselves down, till we umm put ’em into the steamboat?

The spread is ok, the food though not very fresh but otherwise still within a passable/bearable area. The place is reasonably filled with people but not too crowded on a saturday night. The ambient is warm & otherwise cooling on the occasional seaside winds, the restaurant is built around a fresh water pond with a “boat, kampung” like feel. This open air restaurant also is built upon non other than atap leaves, which gives the rather traditional look but otherwise, how the elements off quite well too though its frail looks. Maybe we are too dependent on concrete for shelter!

😉 There’s a driving range beside the restaurant too & dad conked out that hey, why not play some golf during my block leave? (which so would be on the week after next) I don’t know about that as I usually don’t golf just as much as my dad does, but I guess I can go dig my up dusty golf bag & give it a try maybe.

Visits to granny’s before heading home, man am I full.

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