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Accepting the Grades

The last week is all about receiving the results of the mid-semester tests & of course accepting them. My Grades are not very fantastic this semester, about 10% lower than my standard grade the previous semesters, with the exception of a few 100% steals, heydoda!

Damage Report:

  • Mechanics II: 100%
  • Engineering Maths: 100%
  • Wildfire Pro-E: 100%
  • Thermofluids II: 88%
  • DTS: 83%
  • CNC CAM: 83%
  • Product Design & Dev: A
  • GEMS: ICA1 – A

My target for this year will be at least 4 DIST & the rest minimum ‘A’s, the best is to maintain at 5 DIST & GPA 4.0. All these are MST results anyway, so can’t really count the chickens before they are hatched… Nevertheless, had not received a reply on the $$ SP scholarship application $$, hope I can get it this year.

Mizuno Wave Run 2006

Anyway, with the X-country season ending, the 3rd Quarter running season is back again in force, starting with the Mizuno Wave Run on the 23th this month.

I did my registrations at the Funan’s shopping mall Running Lab branch store today. Got an interesting number of 1944 (yi qiu se se, slowly die die?)…

Haha at least its not as bad as one of the number tags one of my running friends ever got – 174 (yi qi se, all die together?) no one will want to run with him sia, haha. Nevertheless, here are the race details:

Mizuno Wave Run 2006 Race Schedule & Details:

Event Date: 23th July 2006
Registration Deadline: 16th July 2006
Venue: Kovan Hub (Former Hougang St21 Bus Interchange)
Distance: 10km
Reporting Time: 6.30am
Race Start: 7.30am

Competitive 10km Race Cats ($15 Reg fee):
Men’s & Women’s Open (No Age Limit), Men’s Veteran (>45 Years) & Women’s Veteran (>40 Years)
Non-Competitive 10km Race Cats ($10 Reg fee):
Fun Run (No Age Limit)

Goodie Bag (All Cats)
Mizuno Event Dry Tee (worth $39.90)
Mizuno Drawstring Bag (worth $10.00) + vouchers & goodies inside
30% discount all Mizuno products upon registration at outlet

:mrgreen: Last but not least, brought a pair of cheap $14 Sony Earplugs for use in my 21km Half-Marathon & Singapore Marathon this year… these babies can’t last me one season at all. Also on gadgets, its stationary to the Maxes! I am always crazy of all-in-one stationary, (not to mention an impatient enemy for correction fluid). Got a new PILOT Feed Pen ($6.50) with Black, Blue & Red ballpoint inks + a built in refillable CORRECTION TAPE dispenser at the back! Whoa! & I thought my current Mitsubishi Uni Ballpoint + 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil + 5cm Stick Eraser pen was an All-in-wonder… Now all I need is these 2 pens & I can throw my pencil case away…

Poly 50 training is speeding up, would be training my team & bonding them before the big event next Wednesday.
With powers come great responsibility – Being a Poly 50 Team Captain

Mileage for this week (7 day period)
SP Gym 2+1 Sets Weight Training, no treadmill – Tuesday
Poly 50 Circuit training 10 Team Laps (600m) – Tuesday
SP Gym 3+1 Sets Weight Training, 5.5km treadmill – Wednesday
SP Gym 2+1 Sets Weight Training, no treadmill – Friday
Poly 50 Circuit training 10 Full Laps (6000m) – Friday

Total Mileage/week = 12.1km (40% of 30km a week target met)

My Mileage is dropping alot these weeks, sigh…

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