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Mariner Restaurant Christmas eve dinner

🙂 Well its about 1/2hr to Christmas day & man is orchard road packed with people tonight, its so crowded to get even within 2 km within the vicinity, traffic is just to conjested with shoppers and those ever growing Christmas toys kiosks. Anyway its dad’s turn to drive as I think I already had enough of driving for the week, I even got to pick him up from work before dinner!

Mariner Restaurant
This year, Christmas eve dinner with my family was at the Mariner’s restaurant. Specializing in seafood and steaks, its the 2nd Christmas eve we had dinner there but they are going for towards fine dining now, with little portions of steak here & there its barely sufficient for me in portions, though my dish had 2 full lobsters in it. Ordered an additional NZ tenderloin steak on top of the main dish. Didn’t order the usual escargots as we didn’t feel like it. Partly because of the free flow of salad from the salad bar which kept most of us munching the healthy greens.. and yes dad as always, can’t get enough of thousand island just as much kept telling him…

😀 Its the eve, Merry Christmas everyone!

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