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Foursome Ice Cream & Waffle Sin Ming

Don’t we love ice cream? Over the past 5 years at least, we had seen and explosion of independent ice cream palors popping out in the heartlands. Old names back them includes big brands such as Anderson’s ice cream, Hagen daz, then came local Island Creamery, Udders ice cream and Lickers. Today, we check out Foursome ice cream store in central Singapore. The late-night dessert store is tucked in the Sin Ming industrial estate.

Foursome Storefront at Sin Ming
Foursome Storefront at Sin Ming.

Furthermore, the establishment has ample outdoor and indoor air-conditioned seating. It occupies two shop house units at the void deck of a HDB housing block just off the Sin ming industrial estate. Hilariously, the establishment has a unicorn as its mascot, which is seen also in their packaging and cups.

Interior dining area, spot the unicorn
Interior dining area, spot the unicorn!

Ice cream selections

Ice cream selections, the classics and some wacky flavors
Ice cream selections, with some all-time classics and some wacky flavors.

Additionally, recommended flavours includes Strawberry cheesecake and hazelnut chocolate rocher, a premium flavour. Also, you won’t go wrong with Chocolate rocket road and Mint and cookie chip is you are undecided. Their chocolate rocket road is dense and packed with little bits of chewy marshmallows. Their mint is laced with little bits of crunchy chocolate crunchies.

Double scoop

Loaded dense Ice cream

Furthermore, in typical fashion, you do get cups loaded full of Ice cream. And are they really loaded. Each cup is packed to the brim, which really gives you a good feeling of maximising your dollar. Also, their ice cream is really dense and not airy. It does not melt as quickly as some other ice cream eateries (e.g. Lickers).

Double scoop of Espresso Biscoff and Mint cookie chip
Double scoop of Espresso biscoff and mint cookie chip double scoop ice-cream in cups. Note the unicorn top.

Moreover, interesting, your ice cream cups are topped with a unicorn cardboard insert at the top of your ice cream for a nice touch. Also, I found Foursome’s Ice cream selections flavourful and great in variety. Also, the quality and selections even rivaling established Ice cream brands which had been around the past decade.

Regular waffles on plate
Regular waffles on plate.

The price is price-competitive and similar to those offered by the competitions,. A single scoop costs $3.80 and a double scoop at $6.60. Toppings costs 50 cents more while premium flavors costs 80 cents more per scoop.

Ice cream as a meal?

If you are really hungry, you can consider their Double happiness waffle bowl. It is a waffle cone with 2 scoops and 2 toppings selections inclusive for $8. Also, sampling is available on request, subjected to Covid-19 restrictions at the point of time. Free flow of water is provided via self-help dispensers.

Double happiness waffle bowl ($8)
Double happiness waffle bowl ($8), pictured with dark chocolate, strawberry and marshmallow toppings.

In addition, their waffles are crispy and a good filler if you had a light dinner. Otherwise, I would simply just recommend the ice cream or even paired with a cone. Cones cost a dollar extra while adding a waffle costs $4.20 with their more premium Red Velvet waffles going for $5 a pop. The café also serves tea, coffee and soda though those are not what you should be here for.

Also, with the place closing late at night makes the area a great late night post-dinner supper place  Though the area is not quite very accessible by public MRT or buses, there is ample public parking at night in the estate.

All in all, Foursome Ice Cream offers a rather interesting and fun execution in the already crowded premium ice cream parlor marketplace. Coupled with exceptional quality and generous portions makes it hard not to recommend as a good ice cream place worth trying.


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Foursome Ice Cream Locality Map

22 Sin Ming Rd, #01-218,
Singapore 570022
Opening Hours: 11:30am– 1am


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