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Sleepless in SG by Samsung Singapore

Sleepless in SG is a photographic exhibition held in Singapore by Samsung Singapore. The gallery at Orchard ION art gallery touts to bring forward to viewers the beauty of Singapore’s night scenes to life captured by Samsung Camera Phones with photographer Geoff Ang as a distinguished guest. Let’s see what’s on.

A curation of photography pieces shown on-screen
A curation of photography pieces shown on-screen.

Furthermore, at its core the Samsung Singapore curated exhibition is a photographic gallery curation of digital shots. Also, the art gallery is located at the entrance to the ION rooftop restaurant on the 4th floor of the upmarket shopping mall.

Entry arch
Welcome to the galleries
Introducing photographers

Additionally, the galleries feature a collection of over 70 photos from local photographers, content creators and public-submitted photo entries.

Geoff Ang at the Sleepless in SG exhibition by Samsung Singapore
Geoff Ang at the Sleepless in SG exhibition by Samsung Singapore.

Furthermore, the photographic exhibition showcase features a curation of night photography works by local commercial Singapore photographer Geoff Ang photographic works are along with Kevin Ong (@kevouthere), Mindy Tan (@mindytanphoto) and Qi Hao (@qhventures).

Activity areas
Photo screens
A perspective

A curation of night street photography

The exhibition shots captures Singapore at its finest and darkest, hence the “sleepless” name of the exhibition here. Moreover, the dark galleries clad in similarly black walls. Also, they are laid out in a logical manner which runs in a continuous loop, showcasing the various photos. You start off being introduced to photo slideshows on Digital Screens and Wall-projections lined along the gallery walls.

Digital board photo slideshows Sleepless in SG by Samsung Singapore
Digital board photo slideshows Sleepless in SG by Samsung Singapore.

In addition, following an address by Samsung executives, Geoff shares some snippets of photography tips. This includes about the world being your canvas and taking shots from different perspectives. Also, he teaches how he prefers shooting into light sources at night to create a halo effect of his subjects.

Geoff Ang
Sharing composition tips

Additionally, the challenge of hand phone cameras are their small sensors. This makes them less ideal for night time photography. This allows less light to be captured in a photo resulting in loss of details and noisy images as small sensors struggle to let in more light with high ISOs to produce an adequately lit image.

Geoff Ang sharing tips on better photography at the event
Geoff Ang sharing tips on better photography at the event.

However, with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted computational photography, achieving acceptably professional-grade photos with small sensors is fast reality now. This is especially with Samsung’s range of phones, like the S22 Ultra. We first saw AI-enhanced photography pioneered by Google in their Pixel brand of phones and the industry in the likes of Huawei and Samsung had followed suit since.

Night spot
Phone demos
Entire galaxy range

Vote for your favourite photo

Also, you can vote for your favourite night photos using tablets on stands towards the exhibition closing galleries. Notably here, you can find the gantry entrance leading up to the FLNT @1-Atico rooftop dining restaurants. You might remember it is where we checked out the Jurassic World dining concept restaurant a couple years back.

The Voting area
Vote to win
Placing a vote

Wrapping up, towards the end of the galleries is a corner where you can take a 360 degree photo of yourself on a small stage. Also, it is tad a throwback to the “bullet time” scenes in the Matrix movies. The Sleepless in SG galleries are small. You be good here for about half an hour tops including the interactive and voting elements.

360 degree photo booth towards the end of the galleries
360 degree photo booth towards the end of the galleries.

All in all, #withGalaxy at Sleepless in SG will bring the beauty of the night in Singapore to life through an interactive experience. The photo gallery is open daily 10am to 10pm for limited time from 8 to 22nd July 2022. Entry is free. It is one to check out the ION Art Gallery when you are in town at ION Orchard.



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