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Singapore Bus Carnival 2016- Our Bus Journey

The Singapore Bus Carnival 2016 is currently now on, join LTA with a run through Singapore’s Bus Journey over 3 weekends in Singapore from March to April. The interactive exhibition is self-contained and split into three main areas, each exploring different chronological eras of the Singapore Bus industry.

sgbuses 2016 03
Singapore Bus Carnival
sgbuses 2016 44
Event Logo
sgbuses 2016 70
Services from around the world

You start off with the Past Zone with a trip down memory lane. Here, you get to board and explore inside a freshly restored single deck non-air conditioned vintage bus as well as check out previous service bus models, such as the first generation Volvo Olympian “Super buses”, Trans-island buses Nissan diesel buses (presently SMRT buses). An area of interest too is a photo gallery of the old buses in service, as well as old conductor bus tickets and trans-link cards before the inception of the EZ-link card system.

sgbuses 2016 81
Classic vintage bus
sgbuses 2016 78
Bus models
sgbuses 2016 80
Journey in the past

Moving on, the Present and subsequent Future Zone presents the current and future state of the Singapore bus services as well as services around the world. Here you can have a go at how it’s like to be a bus captain by driving a bus simulator as well as experience enabling technologies such as paper displays for bus arrival information and mobile applications to simplify your daily commute. Here you are also introduced to the current MAN and Enviro air-conditioned double-decker buses, and the inception of newcomer bus operator Tower buses who will be running services in western Singapore later this 2016.

sgbuses 2016 31
Display booths
sgbuses 2016 36
Enviro 500
sgbuses 2016 35
MAN Lion city A95

The two new buses are on display too, all decked in green lively paint job as per the first round of public voting for the choice of bus colours. You can check out more in their dedicated posts here:

Unique features of the Enviro 500 will be a third rear exit door, and the MAN Lion city, an extra large dedicated exit door for both lower and upper floors. I generally prefer the look and comfort of the MAN bus- my selected bus of choice, but of course I can’t ignore and really like the idea of a 3rd rear door of the Enviro, as it encourages people to move and exit from the rear (and not crowd in the middle of the bus).

Members of the public can vote and comment on their desired bus of choice. The touring carnival will run over three weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sundays over three prime locations in Singapore, starting out with Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza from 11th – 13rd March 2016, VivoCity, Outdoor Plaza (25 – 27 March 2016) and the last location, Toa Payoh, HDB Hub sheltered open space from 1st – 3rd April 2016. Do check it out!


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