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Juce Gace Wood Morning Singapore Exhibition by Blaxk

Exploring the BLAXK gallery nestled within Singapore’s Funan mall unveils an intriguing minor art exhibition: “Juce Gace Wood Morning Singapore”. Let’s check them out today with at Funan mall with a gallery walk through. This compact yet captivating display spotlights the imaginative toy creations of the renowned artist Juce Gace in collaboration with Blaxk ActionCity and Singaporean artist Tanavit23.

Figurines on display at Juce Gace Wood Morning Singapore Exhibition by Blaxk
Figurines on display at Juce Gace Wood Morning Singapore Exhibition by Blaxk.

Who is Juce Gace?

Furthermore, on some background, Juce Gace, a French artist recognized for his whimsical and toony take on the wooden puppet Pinocchio. This is celebrated and represented by his cheeky reinterpretation of classic characters and mildly provocative, mildly “not safe for work” designs.

General gallery grounds
General gallery grounds inside Blaxk.

Moreover, his journey began with street art. This using stickers and prints in the streets of Paris, which eventually transitioned to urban pop culture through enamel pins. Thereafter, in 2017, he delved into 3D artistry, marking his entrance into the world of toys with his first creation, “A Wood Awakening”. Here, notably, his signature style combines traditional designs with a hint of French humor, adult sensibilities, and contemporary satire.

A Singapore exhibition

Here, the BLAXK gallery, operated by ActionCity, serves as a hub for pop culture, art, and collectibles. The “WOOD MORNING SINGAPORE” exhibition represents Juce Gace’s inaugural solo show in Singapore. It’s an opportunity to experience his mischievous creations firsthand.

More figurines
More figurines, including others in Juce’s range including ET, Yoshi and Mario like figures.

Notably, this exhibition is a departure from their previous showcase of basketball stars in the Edgar Plans Game on exhibition held at the same spot early this year, with a shift to a smaller, more concentrated display within the BLAXK gallery here itself.

Also, Juce Gace brings his mischievous creations to life using diverse mediums. This through showcasing a captivating collection of collectible art prints, large-scale sculptures, and exclusive art toys.

Blaxk store exterior here at Funan mall.
Blaxk store exterior here at Funan mall.

Also, one of his distinctive features is the recurring star-posed stance found in all his figurines. Also, it depicts a morning stretch and yawn after a restful slumber. Notably, the BLAXK gallery is situated on the ground floor of Funan mall. It is conveniently adjacent to a Pop Mart store also operated by ActionCity.

Wood morning Singapore intro
Wood morning Singapore gallery intro.

A nod of pop culture

Furthermore, the exhibited pieces vary from standing figurines to framed images, featuring pop-culture icons like Groot, Mario, ET, Yoshi, and the Smurfs in the signature star pose.

Gallery area
Got smurf?
A woodie piece

However, it’s worth mentioning that BLAXK is not the exclusive outlet for Juce Gace’s figurines. They are also available through other toy shops too, including the one located at The Collectors’ Base (TCB), within the 4th floor of Funan mall too. The toys typically selling under the S$300 range.

Framed models
Not just figures here, with framed models on wall.

The toys are available in standing, seated as well as miniature versions for the iconic Pinocchio. A funny take on the name wood given that Pinocchio himself is a puppet made out of wood. It is a nod and a pun intended to the otherwise popular children’s tale character which was popularised and taking design inspiration in the likes of similar character design of the 1940 Walt Disney animated feature film.

Collection of keychains and enamel pins
Collection of keychains and enamel pins in Juce’s similar livery to his toy figures.

Moreover, the gallery, although small, offers a curated selection that can be comfortably experienced in under 15 minutes. It includes an intriguing row of 3D models of Pinocchio “popping out” from the walls in assorted colors.

A special Singapore-inspired Merlion art piece
A special Singapore-inspired Merlion art piece alongside Groot and Pinocchio.

Additionally, a range of iconic figures, including Pinocchio, is displayed in various shades and colors. The exhibit also boasts a collection of keychains, enamel pins, and a localized artwork featuring the Merlion alongside Groot and Pinocchio.


An exclusive highlight of the Singapore event is the JEM (AWAKENING EDITION) toy figure, a collaboration between Juce Gace and local artist Tanavit23. Tanavit23, a Singaporean illustrator and sculptor, is renowned for his character JEM- a little boy rocking a tiger hat. You might remember Tanavit23 from his “fat bird” figures as well as his feature pieces when we met him at the new Action city co-play maker space at Plaza Singapura.

JEM Awakening edition display
JEM Awakening edition display stand in the gallery.

Moroever, JEM here wears light traditional style clothes and heavy winter style hat. It beautifully merges fierceness and cuteness. This collaboration results in a toy that elegantly combines Tanavit23’s adorable JEM with Juce Gace’s cheeky wooden patterns. The toy is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and costs S$210.

JEM Awakening edition $210.
JEM Awakening edition, priced at a handsome S$210.

The artwork, while suggestive, avoids crossing into explicit territory, allowing the toys to remain uncensored. The range includes standing, seated, and miniature versions of Pinocchio, a playful nod to the puppet’s wooden composition.

Juce and Tanavit23 collab
Sleeping by the store front

Moreover, a limited quantity of MightyJaxx’s A Wood Awakening BLAXK Exclusive (Black Gold Version) is available for purchase, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to the collection, while stocks last.

Limited gold Juce Gace Pinocchio pieces also by toymaker MightyJaxx
Limited gold seated Pinocchio pieces also by toymaker MightyJaxx.

Wrapping up the exhibition, running from August 19th to October 22nd, is a delightful blend of humor, artistry, and nostalgia. Whether you’re a collector or simply looking for an amusing diversion, “WOOD MORNING SINGAPORE” promises an enjoyable experience. The distinctive collaboration between Juce Gace and Tanavit23, along with the unique interpretations of iconic characters, offers a captivating glimpse into the world of contemporary toy art.


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