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Graffiti to go, & hey its boxing not earthquake day…

😐 It boxing day & it would be a perfect day if it won’t for the the earthquake disaster around asia the fifth-largest earthquake since 1900, Originating from the indian ocean area. With many lives & property lost. For those in trouble, be positive & stay strong. May god bless.

🙂 On a lighter note, had dinner at home today as mum was having her vege-curry special for the family! She always never fail to amaze with her dishes… yummy! not to mention healthy too. Other than that, got a new banana boat dark tanning oil for tomorrow’s swim. Hope the sun would be up tomorrow. Spent most of today scanning & colouring the artpiece for my straits times classified graffiti competition. Though uncompleted, its starting to look pretty good. Now all I have to do is to get some glossy paper to print it on for submission when done. On my 2nd project for the week, started brainstorming on the design for my battalion logo. Currently I have ideas set for an armoured horse (armour) on a shield with tank track marks.

😈 Finally got a reputable mouse working on my computer again, this time after fixing my old logitech mouseman dual optical. It had some right-clicking problems which very much solved by inserting small pieces of tape & plastic to raise the circuit for the buttons. I think I could do that on my microsoft intellimouse (if I can find a way to actually open it up in the 1st place!) which had been giving me problems lately, not to mention squeaky problems & the hassle of using an inferior substitute balled-mouse. Now it back to the good old dual-optical, not to mention precision, now all I have to do is the get new gaming mouse feet. No more jerky crosshairs in games or lines in photoshop for now!

Ending this entry with some news from cresene about her our interview article which was actually, intended to be published on the voices magazine but wasn’t approved by the editor in the end. Sad, it was a good one. You can check the article out at her site here.


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