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This ends this sunday.

Today is another day spent a home, not a day wasted but very much more productive than the previous week. First of all, got in touch of one of my “long lost” cousins. Hadn’t met her for quite sometime. She found me on friendster, kinda unexpected though and we did have some good time chating, keeping up on times. Glad that she did so too.

And soo, another trip to local library was up thereafter in the afternoon and that did get me out of the house for awhile.. while I managed to squeeze in a scheduled scandisk run for my comp while I am away, multitasking to the max you ask me? hehheh… returned some mags I borrowed last week and got somemore Maximum PC, Net and Motoring mags to kill time in camp, its just freaking boring there, esp when my dumb platoon commander just don’t seem to get the word “nights off” in his head.

Didn’t get to game much today (as expected). I had no time to play C&C zero hour, can’t really expect much as I hadn’t find time to complete my cobweb collecting Wc3 Frozen trone either. On top of that, I am really looking forward to the release of the Siemens SX1 phone next month, especially when my current SL45 mp3 phone had the right audio plug disconnected (and is beyond repair), talking bout surviving on mono tunes till I get my new phone…arghhh!

Camp-in here I go… hey! would be learning to use a heavy machine gun tomorrow.. whoa!

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