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Its sunday, lets talk bout saturday

Didn’t find time to get to Bukit Batok driving center yesterday, as book-out was quite late in the afternoon. Its time to get my fitness back up again last week with two 4km runs within 22 mins and 20mins respectively, not bad considering I had not trained for 1-month+

Home time is net time as usual. Did some regular catching up on news and happenings on the web and hey, found out from club-siemens.com that my next intended phone (SX1 which I am aiming to purchase next month) is capable of playing N-gage games, all you need is a simple rip from some program. Infact I think that the SX1 plays better, running on a faster processor (Texas 130MHz) than the N-gage (ARM 104Mhz), furthermore with a bigger (176×220 pixels) and better (16-bit TFT to a 4096 color) screen. I think the only drawback is the lack of an ergonomic D-pad and action buttons the N-gage has.

Purchased an MS intellimouse to replace my mouseman, together with C&C generals zero hour from PK Hereen, (though it felt good to strike an item off my wishlist, I can’t find time to complete Zero Hour though) together with some tribal chockers from Annex. Hereen is having a membership card special and it kinda caught me by surprise when I was told that I am entitled to a 1 year free membership hereen card (something they should so after spending more than 100bucks on them) Its something not very prestigous either, (something I say people would have in their wallets for a “neat” factor) as old uncles and antics are also signing up for em there. *duh*

Things are really getting boring around here, haven’t working those braincless for months in the army can really mess up your vocal and spelling, considering the standard of english people have in the army. I am starting on a new hobby, namely modeling/sculpting. It just seem that the figures available on stores (eg spawn) don’t really *umm* fit my taste, so I guess its best it I were to do the figures themselves myself. Already gotten a nice batch of clay for my first work.

Theres a new garfield movie coming out check it out at www.garfieldmovie.com. Futhermore, this site now can be accessed thru a link mirror http://ratz.b0x.com from now on. Cool isn’t it?

Currently Listening: Kenny G – Unchained Melody (3:39)

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