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70 Hour Radio Gag

With Mod Monteiro at the 70 hr radio gag

Remember about me mentioning about the 70 hour radio gag previously? ahha found some time to drop my orchard this evening after training to meet up with sis, at the same time catching up on the crowd in front of Ngee ann city now. We all know that 7 DJ radio personalities from various stations will come together & stay silent for 70 hours. The last one standing getting $70,000 for their adopted charity. Initially from the news, it seems that the DJs are like living in a age of comfort with sponsored massage chairs, internet access, the cubicles even looks air-conditioned.

On the contrary, the place is one big huge stuffy place, though an open tent. Maybe with an average 100+ at anytime around the event tentage, I guess the DJs are better off without the “heat”. Not to mention having to bear the afternoon Sun the day too. There is no one eliminated till now, I guess not having to talk for 70 hours in luxury don’t prove a task too hard to handle either, will like 12hours to go there will definitely be ties, with each station possibility taking $10,000 from the $70,000 for their charities.

Got around taking photos with the DJ from my favorite station & show – Mod Monteiro on CLASS 95FM! Too bad Jean Danker wasn’t around that time. Mmm, I look stiff & a mess in the picture… haiz, haha can’t help it lah after track & field training for the evening, clocking 8km of runs…. but otherwise a good picture too. Mum went off photo taking with her few favorite old-school Gold 90.5 FM DJ Hubert Tang. Let the 70 hour radio gag be a gate to more “interesting” events to come.

Dinner was at Red Lion zee-cha again before reaching home around 11pm. 😐 What a day! 🙂

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