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On the SP website again

SP website on DSTA 08 awards

Looking at the start of the week, it had been a very hectic start for me, namely with work and stuff, even my horoscope is telling me to get out and exercising more, something which I see myself doing less often these days.

Nevertheless, I was on the news again, together with my mugshots on the SP website on the DSTA scholarship prize presentation ceremony. You can read the article here dated on the 15th July. Apparently, our Principal was very proud of us 4 graduates who clinched the defense scholarship in numbers, even with the standard and number comparable to the other “branded” junior colleges such as HCJC and RJC. The other interesting notable fact is that, there were no other Polys who had a presence as strong or bonded as ours there, with the exception of a few commendable 1-2, but I won’t make any conclusion from there as there may be the possibility of the lack of applicants on their part.

This news came much of a surprise for me, laughably I didn’t know about it till I was informed on it by some of my Poly friends. Later do I know, got another call from Fullstop magazine asking to do another interview again for their next month’s publication. Busy busy.

Oh yes, for the record, umm I “would” be running Poly 50 this year again, my official 3rd Poly 50 race.


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