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SP E-learning Done!

Sit on a KM!

Well I am back from a period of relatively long absence, not much your typical case of fleeing from reality but actually getting in touch with it on the contrary. Yup with an “offfphh”, gravity caught back onto me after my day off on Monday (which you can recall being the last day of my round island expedition).

Things are pretty loaded this Semester, particularly E-learning which simply came with lots of homework, an equivalent of say 2 weeks on tutorial work-worth all dumped onto you to complete in one week, simple as it seems? The catch is that it’s all the same for all my modules – all 8 of them. As exclaimed by some of my peers it’s not much of a holiday as many intend it to be – with about 6-8 hours a day spend doing homework and I am actually only done with it by yesterday night.

To make matters worst, there is one Class Test (Thermodynamics) coming next Tuesday and the following week, one graded presentation and 3 more papers, all which I have not prepared… yet. On a brighter side, this semester will be my last academic semester, which technically means my last semester of E-learning, mid-semester tests and Semester Exams! Homerun!

Don’t know did I mention this before, but one of my Adventure race teammate, Ahlong won’t be able to join my team in the upcoming teengames adventure race on June 9th, due to his OCS commissioning parade. Together with Elrick, we were a formidable team, coming in 2nd overall and aiming for the pole this year. In his place this year is a rather anticipative Darius (aka my team manager for last year’s race) who will participate in Ahlong’s place.


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