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Post 2007 Moulmein Intra-Con Run, Farewell Coach Robin

Moulmein Constituency Intra-Con Road Run 2007

Moulmein Intra-Con Road Run was on at MacRitchie Park today, reached the venue only to be greeted by overcast skies and a runny nose (which came with me from home). It rained during the race and interestingly, sinuses always clears when you run, just like how my smoker friends always exclaim at how puffing will cure their flus as well, for me it’s running, so does the saying goes “Feed the addiction and the flu will go away…”

Completed in about 23mins (I did say I had a flu right?), while the rest of the track team actually came in on 16-18th to a handful in top 10 positions, our girls came in 1st and last (technically), all bagging NTUC $10 vouchers. Anyway our team won 2 lucky draw prizes as well – a Akira OSIM-like U-zap and a table fan. There will be a related upcoming race in August held at Bedok Reservoir, will keep ya all in sync on that when the details come in.

Last but not least, would like to bid farewell to our SP track & field coach, coach Robin, who stayed with us over the last 2 years before having to leave now due to commitments and financial matters. He’s in Taiwan now for a track and field meet. Our new coach will be coming in officially when school reopens next week, bummer, new club officer, now a new coach…


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