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Students Rejoice! Dell entering Tablet PC market with new Latitude Laptop

Dell first Tablet PC for the Latitude range

Ever always wanted to own a Tablet PC for ease of notes and penning down handwritten notes in lectures, but always don’t seem to be able to afford one? Well look no further, the word is out, Dell will be releasing their first Tablet PC late this year in their Latitude Laptop range.

Dell usually waits for a particular product to become mainstream and then they look to develop a product and own the market. Dell feels that since Vista will have the tablet features built right into the OS that the corporate world will embrace the tablet on a large scale. The reps at Dell said this will be especially true once service pack 1 is out for Vista. They plan on releasing their tablet to coincide with the release of service pack 1 for Vista. (The date is roughly Q3/Q4 2006 for Vista SP1 too)

I personally use a Fujitsu T4020 tablet which actually set me back a considerable sum of money few years back but it’s worth it I say – rocking big time in lectures and penning down quick notes with ease while the rest of your peers go frantically tippy-tappy – a highly recommended tool for students, not to mention the Wow factor it has when you swivel the screen for use flat on your seat.

With the exception of the HP Pavilion tx1000z being the most capable all round and value tablet presently for students, it seems that Dell will always rock their products in terms of price – the biggest deciding factor for us students. Only time will time now whether the relocation of the Dell PDA department to Tablet PCs will bring things up.


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