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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Some Soccer!

Choices today: Go watch Spiderman-3 with cousin, go for a relaxing swim and tan by the pool (as the sun is so freakin’ invitingly hot today), go to campus for junior’s orientation & street soccer or stay at home to finish up another few more tutorials to last me till mid-semester.

Afternoon Street Soccer

Though I am not totally the best of shape, went for the soccer instead. Bagging 2 feet blisters on top of 1 goal & 2 assists for my team on the quick 2 goal/match eliminations we played. No credit for goalkeeping though which I sux greatly at, but one of our freshies who played is quite good at it, something I guess weiwen, alvin and me could learn or two. Lunch was on our own pockets in FC 3 contrary to food catering previously. They had blended Kiwi juice on the specials going for $1 at the drink store – great value! Basketball was on next, but left after lunch. Met Guetping and Yiying on my way out who came in for 2pm track training. Heard that the rest carried on with Bball till like 5pm? So no training?


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