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3rd Week of Semester, Bus-fying

SBS Volvo B9TL

I was late and had to make a choice between 2 bus services arriving together at the stop today (service 14 and 147, both superbuses which I can take to campus). Though 14 has a shorter traveling time, the 8am peak traffic at the AYE always slows things down considerably. The service 147 thou, spots the newer Volvo B9TL series, which also plys an alternative route to campus with an additional but justifiable traveling time of about 1 min, which is also the main reason why I took it.

Service 14 left ahead of mine, later do I know that bus service which I had been following for the next 3 bustops suddenly stalled in the middle of the road… then it’s hazard lights came on. BreakDown! wooo! You could just feel confusion and puzzled-ness painted on the morning rush-hour commuters faces as my bus passed theirs. Lucky me, cus I could actually be in that bus!

Thursday morning classes are exceptional strict in attendance, particular Lab practicals where any additional minute of lateness will mean 1% deducted your personal Laboratory report score, the maximum being 30% off where attendance will be marked as absent. All these are courtesy of the tutor who tracks every student’s entry into class with a time stamp. I was thankful and early, in fact by 10mins for an 8am class, arriving even before my tutor. Maybe he should give an inventive for those who make an effort to come early right? so that’s an additional 10% score for me? (or you can come 100mins early and get 100% of 1% of your report)… Fat hope I guess.

It’s week 3 and I had already completed enough tutorials in advance to last me till week 5-6, should keep me free from homework for a while. Good luck to those in Uni mugging for Semester exams coming very soon!

Mum ain’t trading these 2 days because of Tokyo holidays, should be dropping by and meeting her at Raffles City tomorrow to buy a birthday cake for Dad’s Birthday on Saturday, wonder which favor will I, ummm he would like?


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