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Happy Birthday Mum, Semester 3 Results

Treated mum to lunch at our usual favorite chicken rice stall, with all the extras, my plate itself costs $4. Well, it’s times where you get to dine and enjoy the times as family, not to mention lunch appointments for us time-packed people (though waking up at 10am today). Though it’s her birthday, mum still have to rush to her SGX clearing house meeting thereafter, while I had to try to be at office around afternoon, haiz the very essence of sanity. But nevertheless we did celebrate formally last weekend with an international buffet, it’s a good lunch today anyway.

Happy Birthday Mum!

It had been a long day, left the office around 7pm. Though late, it’s nice spending the evening at work, especially on the last few weeks in my workplace. Situated in a top floor penthouse of the office building, it give a very nice view of the city at night, it’s just peaceful and tranquil, with lights and buzzing traffic below, just gives a very cool and modern ambience from the balcony and the helipad on the roof. Sorry to decline most of ya calls and bugs on msn for the results today, as I hadn’t had time to check my results till I am back tonight. With that…

Well here you go, the results of the last semester, semester 3. Guess you all are just as excited as me to know about it. Nothing great lah, just got only one grade A, the rest are all Ds.

If may, feel free direct any comments to the “comment?” link at the end of the post.


*dodges a taopok, few rotten tomatos and a water bomb*


  1. :mrgreen: good for you mate…i got 3.714…god willing..i might catch up with ya…but mine…only one D..the rest A’s ahahaahaha…thnxx for the tips and advice for exams anyways ya!! good day sunshine

  2. Sure thing saiful, I always believed in group studies, if not cohesive studies then like that can learn alot from each other. Unlike the 1st 2 sems, too bad the old class was split, so but that didn’t much hindered us last sem for last min studies! :mrgreen:

    Next sem will be another hurdle to conquer. I believe there are 2 more right?


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