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2 more weeks, results out tomorrow

Well, before you know it woosh, 2 weeks of holidays gone and hardly even 2 weeks left of this pathetic holiday. Semester 3 Results will be out tomorrow. Whee! finally see this day coming, at least I am not so blur as my first sem, not knowing that results are out till few days later when everyone’s talking about it.

Occasionally, well at least for most around me its’s always the same chatty phrase: “hey Shaun another 4 points ah?” or this “ehh Shaun another straight A’s ah?”… haiz, very sian listening to all these leh, but I know lah, the consequences of ummm… how should I put it, being top? The most I can always reply is a sickly grin and say don’t count the chickens before they are hatched™ lolz lolz lolz… anyway it’s just casual talk and no offense anyway. Still then, theres not much excitement to recieve results this sem though… strange, nevertheless tomorrow will still come, right on and in your face too.

Well with this sem gone will be 2 more acad sems to go for the course, other than that, it’s ITP and FYP, oh dang…

Got a call from Elrick yesterday on the kayaking training sessions at kallang costing $60 for 2 days might be going for it in the days of maybe weeks to come during the holis, in which we will get out 1 star kayaking cert. This is a “die die” must have to register and qualify for most adventure races in Singapore, regardless of how much kayaking experience you have. Just it’s the paper which always does the talking eh? Or a classic case of the pen being mightier than the sword.

As you can see I am rushing alot of chores lately, namely few reviews and tutorials on the site (on top of completing games, fix things around the house, etc). I’ve always wanted to write but never found the time to do so. Thank godness for the holidays and “breather”, 3 new babies for the site!
Kit-modelling tutorial | Sculpting tutorial | Samsung Q35 Review

Other achievements includes getting Gold for all the schools in GTA-San Andreas (Driving, Bike, Pilot and Boat) all without cheats of course! Finally finished a few sketchbook pieces which I will find time to scan for the art section for the site, had been sometime since I did. Thinking of revamping the current art gallery into a nice cool flash powered one, since I’ve recently upgraded to Macromedia Studio OEM, it’s more power! with the latest version of flash!

Other than that, managed to get at least 2 comic strips up for the pre-launch of the webcomic section of the site It will be a microsite called Ratz it’s Life, it’s not up yet but you can point yourself to http://ratz.shaunchng.com when does!

Good luck to Alec who will be going under the knife come next monday to fix his torn ligament for good. IOW he will be MIA from track for weeks to come then. Speedy Recovery, till then it’s the Terry Fox Run this sunday with the SGrunners and Alec’s last run for the season too.


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