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School opens, New class

CAA Sign Ups Day

School started off rather smoothly, you definately can’t miss the freshies around the campus, walking around with either a yanyard stuck round their necks all day, bulky new laptop bags (which you can even smell the new polyester bag smell meters away) or just spotting the very plain gong look™. Personally its time where people learn not to bring laptops to campus in the rather generic laptop bags. Instead bring them to school in your school bag instead, thats my advise of not telling everyone that you have a thousand over dollar device in your procession, not to mention cutting down the possibility of thief, etc. Such noob behaviour can really make you just smack your head in dismay whenever you encounter them. You can only remark “first day in campus heh?” & you just wish you can simply corrupt their clean minds, which my gang kinda did to a few by telling few groups that lanyards aren’t really too compulsory, (as they will soon learn).

Met up with my old class during the common lectures & had some real friendly reunion then, too bad can’t really spend much time there as we all have separate classes to attend now, especially with the class strength now reduced to 15 from 21 last semester, otherwise, class of DME 25 is still going strong.

8am lectures all started with a roughed out, non-shaven, grumpy me, strolling into the lecture with a school blazer & undone messy hair hidden under a baseball cap. Always just on time for class with a cup of hot coffee in one hand & books on the other whenever I enter the hall. All to survive multi hour long morning lectures

For me, its just getting the hang of class 30. Its a fun & noisy class overall, (& I mean real noisy too for a small class of 9) maybe you can blame it on some real hyper people like us in the class. I guess we can’t do anything though, we are the noisy people , & I guess that is what makes of a designer which stands out & think of the box after all! Whats more, only on Wednesday, I found out that one of my classmates is my NS unit driver! oh my its a small world.

Lecturers & Teachers
So happen that each & everyone from my class have their own personal tutor now, oh man definitely didn’t see that coming! Anyway my tutor is Mr Ting Keng Soon, same teacher which took me for CD as of last semester. A good friendly guy I say, so I guess its ok having him as a personal tutor. But funny as he doesn’t teach me any modules at all! My CNC (Computer numerically controlled class) practical teacher is my last semester’s workshop practice teacher, Mr. Kem Chak Kee. So it good seeing old faces again, with the exception of all the other modules having new faces.

Modules for this Semester

  • Mechanics II
  • Thermofluids II
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Computer Aided Machining
  • Engineering Maths II
  • Product Design & Development
  • Design Technique & Skills
  • Online Entrepreneurship

Besides this, the CCA signup week is also on this week, not to mention the booth to man & managing intake of freshies to the club. Cheers to Derrick, Eugene, Khow Ming, Desmond etc & the rest of those in the CIE class.

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