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Ordered my T4020

Dad left the car with me again today! Why? cus I will be dropping my NTU to purchase my T4020, so transport is essential today, if you wonder what a T4020 is, just read my previous blog posts on it. Anyway, drove down to NTU from home with mum after breakfast to meet Shup Ping (aka Shuppedo) at the NTU innovation center where we made our way to 8 flags to place the order, they say it would be available in about 2-3 weeks time, hope it will be down in time for my presentations out in a few weeks time. Had lunch at the nearby Food court B, a bowl of yong tau foo (5 items) with noddle & curry soup for only $1.60! A record low price I may say.

Dropped mum off along the Clementi AYE bus stop where she could take a bus trip to work. So as she requested as there’s a direct bus from there to her workplace, so its kinda convenient for her to take a bus rather than me fetching her into the CBD which is ultimately more time consuming & costly. Also considering the possibility of me being late for class later in the afternoon by doing so. With that, I got the car for me for drive to school! Technically speaking, mum is just there to “foot the bills” otherwise a mobile ATM you may say, haha anyway how can I fork out like $3100 at one go? Of course not without the magic magnetic cards your parents have, oh well that if the facts are right.

Drive to NTU

The last time I drove Dad’s car was early this week, before that, was months ago. But I guess driving & handling are very much second nature to me now, you can afford not to drive for a few months & yet the controls & handling comes on very naturally, you don’t have to think how to change gears, revise foot paddle positions, etc which is good I think. The only thing bad is that I forgot some routes on the area I was travelling due to familar landmarks being removed due to road resufacing/painting, particularly around the BKE/KJE – PIE split on the highway from NTU, man was that part disorientating with a 4 lane highway suddenly splitting into 2 at the center!

Millege for today: Home – NTU – SP – Home – Dad’s workplace
I was almost tried of driving at the end of the day, so Dad took over the wheel after I more or less “brought the car to him” (where I picked him from work). Went to pick mum up from work before making our way for zee cha dinner at Red Lion coffee shop at Redhill Market. When its time to call it a day thereafter.

I recalled a section in class of our teacher explaining to us the personality aspects of left & right brainers, he even had a test for us to take to determine our active brain side. 18/20 in my class are left brainers, only the remaining 2, Khow Ming & Me are right brainers, is that bad?

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