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School Reopens Monday

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Well, school reopens tomorrow, Monday. You can just sense overall change in aura lately, like rushing to get last minute chores done & such, not to mention the sudden offset of school dismay & bitching you can get off your friends & classmate’s personal messages in MSN.

It’s gonna be the end of semester for those in College, with summer holidays coming at the end of the academic year. For us in Poly, the summer holidays is not very much of a holiday either, spring holidays you may say (a very much shorter one too with the early start of academic year tomorrow). For many I guess, including me, with most of our time caught up at work or at ITP attachments, there is nothing much left to enjoy. But personally its better than spending 25 hours a day in front of the computer gaming or “mapling” like what some of my friends do. & the worst thing is they couldn’t tell the difference between Far East plaza & Far East shopping center!

Well, its 5pm & the sky is so dark it just looks like twister is approaching. Would be picking mum & dad off at Tiong Bahru Plaza after their “Eight Below” movie (& man have I not driven in like months!). Then it will be off again so some special buffet surprise location for dinner, which mum always never cease to always amaze us with.

😉 Next semester, new class new faces again. But this time this will be my class for the next 2 years, so dun play play! Must go through ice-breakers again, not to mention making good impressions I guess, cos this is the class group which will ultimately determine whether you enjoy or suffer the rest of poly years. Why a new class so soon? well as I already did my option at the end of year one DME (contrary to the usual at year 2), now I am in DME – CIE (Creatively Innovation & Enterprise) Option, so you can very much call us “Design Engineers”.

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Sad to see the parting of my previous class, haha I love that class, 25. But it seems that personal wants outweigh class-hood – with many transferring to DMA (aeronautical engineering) courses because of perceived prestige & higher pay prospects I believe, or maybe just because they made the requirement & were invited over after the result release.

DMA is one of the toughest courses to enter, requiring at least 12- 14pts at ‘O’ Levels. Ultimately I believe in not following the crowd, I mean heck I could enter DMA or any course in SP if I wanted at enrollment, but I will just stick to my guns in this current “dumping ground course” & do what I like to do – The CIE option.

😯 Class starts at 9am for me tomorrow lasting all the way to 5pm with only an hour’s lunch break in between. It will be another challenging semester, my time table had never been so packed before, going home at 5pm at almost every other day except Wednesdays, (which I would be seeing myself staying till then too). I guess long & stressful year-2 stories so wisely told by my seniors are fast becoming reality now.


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