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Modules cleared, New SP website

Woot the poolside gym will be closed today, as they are installing a a new multi-rack weight station. Out goes the 2 decade old Universal station in place of a newer spanky one. So as told by the gym Auntie yesterday. Wonder what will it be… & that would be a good reason to visit the gym tomorrow (3rd time this week) after my Mechanics practical test!

Dota-ing between lessons

Mmm after tomorrow, can safely strike out modules Design Technique & Skills (DTS) & GEMS (Online Entrepreneurship) only when I clear my last blackboard online test component tomorrow. Product Design Module is more less done too (so thats 3/8 modules done), with just another presentation to give to the department heads next week & be rest assured it WILL be impressive! *3 ICA Exams, 1 Pres, 1 Prac, 3 Papers To Go*

New stuffs, well beside my haircut & using a “new” phone without all my contacts, Firefox is out, just updated, Mmmm the themes feature seems new to me, Niffy.

Talking bout browsers, SP website had been updated with a brand ummm, new look. As it goes, I find that I am always criticising SP releated websites. Not sure sure why but I personally find it bad of always doing so. Come to think of it, I guess thats the next best thing Singaporeans are good at right? Complaining, well… beside the country-wide sport of queuing. I think never had I every commended on any SP related website. But as a Web designer & IT Consultant myself, just like to voice & share my thoughts, here are few of them:

The intranet based elements (such as SAS) are the same, nothing much new, except a change in colour from replacing the header images. Blackboard running same software version, so is the library, all still independent systems. Otherwise nothing new.

Inaccessible menus. You have to navigate past 3 pages from the main page to finally get to the login page either SAS, Blackboard or Eliser facilities. Instead of the previous dropdown menu launch, not to mention more number of clicks.

The page have to be displayed at 1024×768 res, otherwise it will be completely distorted (don’t the designers know how to set fixed table widths or css?). Actually 800×600 is actually a web standard, though 90% of laptop & desktop market share come pre-installed with mainstream Win XP running at default 1024×768. However, this is a nightmare for slower computers, older monitors, UMPCS & mobile based devices as the distortion will be greater. Anyway, even if you are not maximised @ 1024×768, the distortion will show – very very bad & unprofessional image for an organisation for first impressions, especially right on the mainpage.

The certificate frenzy is still on. In this present materialistic world, its all just up for the collection of TrustSG/ISO ratings, if that is one’s definition of “fantastic”. But the thing which users hate most are browser prompts, being a clicking nightmare to accept site certificates on SP web – just for the stake of having site certificates. Don’t they ever know about web interactivity & user-friendliness?

Heard from staff that they actually have to consult an overseas designer to do the redesigning, mmm because we don’t have faith in our own students & teachers alike? Or maybe we just lack local talent…

SP Web feedback? I have! I have!



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