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Crash Your VW Jetta, Semester 3 loads

Crash your Jetta!

Seemingly, the animation department of Volkswagon seems to be up on a few cups of radioactive coffee lately, featuring some simple but rather neat animation of their Jetta Crash tests on their website. With rather bizarre items: UFO, Chicken Truck, Godzilla’s Feet, Humpy Dumpy’s Wall, just to name a few. Check it out here.

Unless you spot a UXGA monitor, try viewing the video with your window minimised, or you won’t be able to view all the dropdown options from the flash menu.

Tonight there will be be Movies @ the Padang Esplanade Area, brought to you by Class 95 FM. Free movies (Xmen3 & MI3) will be screened on the big screen together with 7-11 providing beverages & movie edibles.

Moreover, there will be fireworks and opening by our President SR Nathan, near One-Fullerton, where my parents will be hanging out for the night for a (blah blah blah) invitational gathering at Walton International, with an uninterupted VIP sky view of the show as they say… Mmm, there will be another $2M dollar fireworks on on Tuesday night too, before National Day. But looks like I would have to give all that a go, together with chill-outs these few weekend nights dudes… Sorry, got 3 Papers & a presentation next week, not to mention semester exams brrgggh!. The good news is, at least 3/8 modules are more of less cleared for me now & I think this is the hardest it can ever get in year 2.

School Sporting Arena Updates:

  • Team QuikSilver protest for the Poly50 had been REJECTED. Captain pissed! 👿
  • SP poolside gym spots a 3 new Paramount fitness machines. Tested them out on opening day when they are all still smelling fresh & new: one Free motion Modular rack, a Lats pull down & Leg/calves push off machine. On top of that, we have a new Abs station & a Bench press rack, on top of new digital weighing machine.

I guess the Paramount modular machine is very similar to the free motion machines I’ve used in other gyms, being all-in-wonders for biceps, triceps, chest & core. My recommendations, bring your own weight handles when you use the modular rack, the current handles have steel edges very inflexible, flesh cutting & used incorrectly, can result in wrist injuries.

Still miss the old flat pecs press machine, haiz now gotta change my weights regime & recalculate 75% & max strength weighing…

Mileage for the week (7 day period)
SP Gym 3+1 Sets Weight Training, no treadmill – Tuesday
Sunset Way Canal Route 9km -Wednesday
SP Gym 2+1 Sets Weight Training, no treadmill – Wednesday
SP Gym 3+1 Varied Weight Training + 5.2km treadmill – Friday
Total Mileage/week = 14.2km (47% of 30km a week target met)

Mileage is dropping by a substantial amount during the exam period, but had been very hungry lately… stress related?


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