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DBday… Its here soon…

Darius Birthday

Last Saturday – Happy Birthday Darius! (No CAKE!?) held at the Caribbean condo at harbour front. Its literally a water city, yea cool with swimming pools, fountains here & there, but otherwise not my taste of housing (No CAKE!?) with a giant longkang running through the whole area, like Venice? haha maybe not…

I just find Singapore sea water too strong smelling, dirty & stinky to appreciate, just ask any Scuba Diver (No CAKE!?) & you will know why we don’t like to dive in Singapore (No CAKE!?) either. Met up with Elrick earlier that day before to get Darius Bday gift, got this neat punk rock T-shirt over a few Devilish shirts I’ve shortlisted in Queensway, the rest are just too sinister I guess. Coupled in with that are 2 pairs of neoprene socks courtesy of Elrick & Derek with the (& most expensive) Barracuda mousepad.

Tennis Anyone?

Nevertheless had few nice intro games of Tennis courtesy of Darius Dad (Thanks Uncle!) who booked it for us. Played tri-doubles (No CAKE!?) with Yiying, Guetping, Weijian & Elrick as coach. Till Sir-Artillery-Addison came into the game, started whacking & losing 4 tennis balls out-court straight at a go…

Left the party round 11.30pm only to be greeted with an empty habourfront bus interchange. Derek was there too & guess we just stood there staring at the Timing Board in disbelief for 5 mins or so before actually realizing that we continue doing so, we might even miss the last train – which we caught on our way in (No CAKE!?).

Catching the last train is kinda cool too, with staff running all round the station telling people to get in or NEVER! & all the underground tunnel lights are on too, so I could actually see how wide our tunnels are, not something we can see everyday. Exited the train at my stop with a rather interesting platform announcement politely telling all commuters to SCRAM from the station as there are no trains left for joyrides boy! or we will CLOSE & leave you to starve here for the NIGHT! Bwwhharrr!

Well thats all for last Saturday, on a more present side, I’ve never had funny dreams so often lately, especially being school & exam related ones. Well I do not know how you can define a nitemare, but can one in an exam situation where I could not attempt all questions and get 100 be considered one? Arrrghh! & though the exams are fast approaching too, but yea I really had such a dream… so free, so helpless in an exam, thats really so scary…

Waited dingying-ly long for my bus today only to see it arrive 20 mins later, not one but a CONVOY OF 4 OF THEM TOGETHER! Omg… All Superbuses… Caught TV mobile onboard then & heck there was Elmo on Channel News Asia! Dancing away to the start of each program each time a string of commercials ended. Niffy!

There was some petition booth at FC4 collecting signatures before closing day today against the change of the current Kofu management. & man was FC4 packed man, with most stores sold out before 1pm.

Last by not least, I am finally GSM contactable! Till I drool over a SE p990i, I am currently using my sister’s old Nokia 7250i in place of my now disfunct Siemens SX1. Dug around my home drawers & found that on top of a few old DECT phones, a Nokia 880, Nokia 3315 & my old Siemens SL45! Interesting things you can find lying around the house… its like a mini treasure hunt!


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