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Project postings are out! Got the Plaza Tentage position!

Got the result of the Spinnovex 2008 posting today. My team is heading for a confirmed spot in the Grand Plaza Tentage! Yea! *jumps round room for a while* And so are 5 other teams in our CIE group as well. That is the best honor we can get as a project group and it’s a big hurdle cleared for us. Would be fighting up front for the gold and distinction award for round two! Now the main thing now is to deliver what we promised and impress you – the visitor at our coming school public exhibition. Stay tuned!

Overheard some other students while gyming out today, talking about the results on the Spinnovex project postings. Some were rather puzzled on the postings and wonder if they are based on priority, as naive as they may sound, yes it’s definitely based on the interest of the judges, school and public, so those which meets all these criteria as show stoppers will have a higher chance to get the hot spots in the tent. There is more weight in the tent too – where the press will not only be more evident, but that is also where the guest of honors and judging panel will place more pressure on as well. Oh hell yea, bring it on!

Free Birthday Donuts!

Many happy returns to my project teammate Danson whose birthday is on today and for the boxes of donuts he brought in for our class in the project center to chow as well!

Today is also a day of few accomplishments as well, finally got the fabrication started after obtaining all the bits and piece of loose parts such as bearings. And the delivery of our pneumatic parts will be in next week. Our project room TSO today was also head-over-heels over his new Macbook which arrived today. Man was he excited as well! Only that he’s up looking to install Windows XP into the Macbook together with OS X 10.5 (Leopard) as well lol!

Oh well, it’s Friday today, TGIF. Time to relax before continuing on some work tomorrow, not to mention Swissotel vertical marathon goodie bag collection tomorrow as well.


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