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Don’t be Kiasu on scholarships

SP Campus Grounds

Had a chat today with SAA student development officer, Mr Lee Ee Tat with regards to an invitation the SAA sent to selected students for a PSC bonded scholarship. I’ve recieved a invitation card from them last month or so, but disregarded the public reception and seminar (held at some hotel ballroom) due to the lack of time and personally I don’t like idea of bonded scholarships and would like to continue studying after I get my diploma (scholarship=work after grad).

This new call which came today is with regards to another private seminar also on PSC scholarships, which is completely paid for on a case-by-case basis by the school to attend, which is rather prestigious in nature. I hope I didn’t sound too disapproving but I felt that the item coming on this Saturday came at such short notice and personally I have my current exam studies planned ahead of me for the weekend. Furthermore the seminar is something I can follow up again when the time is right and I believe someone else can take in place of me which can be more beneficial to him/her.

Yea, you can say I live my days by the days of week in this context, but currently, this is important but not urgent, semester exams now are both urgent and important.


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