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Problems with new Coach

With a little time I have here after dinner and back from a Statistics Module test a moment ago, let me just share about the buzz going up with our new coach Coach S Pandian.

SP Track & Field Meet

I believe this is something only the year 2 and seniors of track and field can relate to, but not very much the juniors. We all love training under our previous coach Robin, he is not only a very fatherly figure but one which does for in passion and commitment to the best of his abilities. But as all people who desire the best, there are also limitations on his part, whether financially or even ambitions, that is why he left us an official coach- not that he’s not doing his job, but rather a man of results and one who wishes to do his job well- something which is rather difficult to accomplish with the current large number of unique individuals to coach and manage. A wise choice.

Our new coach was around last Friday and being, he upped for a 100m and 400m trail strictly for the IVP relays which he is largely concentrating on being a record 400 and 800m runner himself. Personally I do not like the attitude of our new coach and how he portrays himself, he seems rather distant and unfriendly as a coach. Though it commendable that the does treat us like adults and not army recruits or dogs, he actually does not communicate much to us at all. During my first training with him last Friday, I just find that there’s just something missing in him.

IVP 10000m

Maybe his authoritive outlook and way of doing thing is his cup of tea. And though everybody ran their hearts out then, that didn’t motivate me to run the 100m and 400m time trials on that day, which I didn’t quite actually put in my best so as not to make the relay team under the new coach (which gave rather slow birazze timings as well).

Oh well, I hope I didn’t paint a bad impression in front of the juniors, but life is not all about winning, it’s how you win it and I don’t want it all the end with just an IVP, especially for us seniors. Having represented the school in previously in the 05/06 session, there is more to just an IVP. There something else which our previous coach offers for our passion of running even after leaving SP, particularly in my case training for Full Marathons and completing my 1st Ironman.

Similarly, it seems that our track captain is getting under the heat as well, having to choose sides to train on can make things rather difficult especially compromising the extent of our official membership in the track and field team and appointments. But not matter what decisions we choose and train with as he said: “we are all still SP track n field! we are a team!”

Nevertheless, coach Robin left us a letter in the light of the darkness:

Hello SP track,

I’m very glad to see you guys are bonded so tight. That’s the true spirit as a track member. Many of you are in the lost, wonder where to go, what to do and how to train.

Your new coach is a good coach, a experience one with lots of international experience behind him. I think he is right to form the relay teams, because you all are from SP Track. When come to IVP, do you want it to come as last team? So, he place team before individual. I know many were asked to do a different event, some were not mention like jumps and throws. Give him some time, afterall he just came for his second training session with you. As a track n field athlete, you shouldn’t block yourself for just 1 or 2 events that you like, try out other events and know them too, at least when come to competition or meet other track and field members, you know their events also. Please don’t ‘fence-up’ yourself within your zone.

Liu Xiang from China started off as a jumper until his recent coach spotted him to do hurdles. If during that time, he refused to change event, he might not be who he is now. Everyone in SP track still young, try out and have the feel of other events, you may not know when you are the next Liu Xiang. Accept changes and try first, if cannot, then return to your event.

As an athlete, we learn about living with life; focus, attitude, goal setting, emotion control, discipline, etc. Then again, we learn to follow instructions also. As a good athlete, obey what the coach says and don’t doubt with him too early. Try first, if wrong or doesn’t work then discuss / feedback to him.

All i can say is, enjoy your stay in SP track or running. This is a sports, a passion and a dream. Please don’t make it so complicate. Keep up with your bonding, help each other and support everyone along the way.

“We might not able to beat the Olympic Champions BUT we will beat our ownself one day if we keep on training and strive hard toward our DREAMS!” — robin (haha)

Remember, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Yours X-Coach
Robin Tan


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