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Shifting into gear, Week recapo-nation

Lessons, lessons

With the Semester Exams sighted on Horizon, been very very busy with tests, projects & reports over the last few days. Not to mention catching up on tutorials & eventually *qualify myself* to dig up the blackboard for sample papers to do in practice for the semester exams due in 2 weeks time. This term is extremely short, with an increased workload & modules taken – a very bad combination. I think this is the worst it can ever get as second year is usually the most toughest period of study. Hopefully the ‘A’ modules next Semester will be much easier. I guess I will be training most of these few weeks by myself & may not be able to make it for official track training till the exams are over. Mmainly as training takes time & usually ends too late to actually get anything productive done for the rest of the night. As of today, I have 5ICAs, 4Races, 3Papers, 2Reports, 1Presentation to do till end August. Busy Busy Busy.

To wrap things up short & sweet, happenings worth noting for the past week & present:

North East line was down on Monday, due to a power cable breakage failure. Coincidentally on the day where I rode through the line my very first time the day before (Sunday). Maybe my Magneto powers after the Mizuno Wave Run could have caused it. Dammit

Universal Studios gonna build Singapore’s 2nd IR on Sentosa, promising a themepark bigger than that in Hollywood (ride area only) & spotting more indoor (not to mention air-conditioned) attractions. Whee! looks like we will be seeing Doc Brown, ET (The ride) or The Mummy Returns Indoor inverter coasters in the not too distant future… right on our shores!

My Phone Died yesterday (KIA), Thursday. Refusing to boot showing only a white screen. Would be considering a Sony Ericsson p990i, had been considering this range of SE phones since the P800 around 2001. And Sony Ericsson phones are definately much much better than what it was many years back (remember the problematic T68/T68i & T610?). It’s hearty to hear too that SE is the top ranking & best rated brand overall now, topping the charts at Cnet too.

We have 3 days left (As of 28th Aug) till Food Court 4 closes on 1st aug, with a contractor change & Kofu leaving the current premises. So as told from after asking the cleaner auntie when clearing our plates during lunch today. The place will be down for a month, renovated with new stores. BBArghh!!!! No more favourite Chicken Cutlet, Pasta, Fried Rice, Nasi Padang & Giant Bowled Ban Mian! Arghh!!!! FC3 & FC6 will IMPLODE with lunch crowds! well.. unless they move FC7 (aka mobile FC) to the T16 plaza area, not to mention the ultra long queues presently for fatty drippy Ramly Burgers at FC7, aka the business side.

Happy Birthday DARIUS! Hehe wait.. just wait for us at your party tomorrow! Brrwhahahaa ya know swimming pools & birthday parties definately don’t mix! Now where do I keep those cable ties & super soaker… *deep evil laughter*


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