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Handy tool to calculate and score your IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test)- myIPPT.com

Tiny little gem finds on the internet are always worth sharing, this time; it’s a rather handy and unique IPPT scorer and calculator (accessible on myIPPT.com) based on the new IPPT scoring standards. This IPPT calculator not only just calculates your IPPT total point scores and determines your corresponding award/cash returns for you from your given number of push-ups, sit-ups and 2.4km running time, but also gives you personal recommendations on how to do better for your next best award.

myippt 24km running
2.4km timing recommendations
myippt scorer
Determine my IPPT award
myippt calculator mobile
The Mobile site

After toying around the site, it appears the site has 4 other methods to score for your IPPT too- a thing I particularly like about the calculator is the inclusion of 3 other station calculators which allows you to calculate the minimum number of station repetitions/run timing for your chosen target station, when you specify any other 2 station combinations. Say for example, if I will like to determine how fast to do my 2.4km run for a Gold Award, given that I know I can do 60 Push-ups and 50 sit-ups in one minute, the calculator will recommend I run at least a 11:30 2.4km timing. Likewise, if I specify a number of sit-ups and my known 2.4km run time, it will correspondingly recommend me a minimum number of push-ups I need to do for my desired Individual Physical Proficiency Test award grade.

The calculator also allows calculation for all age groups, female participants and the heightened commando/NDU standards as well. I tried breaking the calculator by specifying a “Pass” grade for the similar number of push-ups and sit-ups and the site is smart enough to tell me that I am over qualified and recommends me to go for a higher award instead, the calculator is indeed smarter than it looks.

Usability-wise, the site has rather simple and intuitive clean layout and appears to be both desktop and mobile phone compatible, with large mobile-friendly interface and sliders making it very handy for quick one-handed checks of your score points out at the IPPT test centres, making this calculator is a very viable alternative of having a dedicated app. This tool goes into my toolbox collection as one of my favourite IPPT training aid tools. Go check it out!


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