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Life of a commander

I guess the army do really open up the world and perspective I have of people- like meeting all kinds of people from all walks and backgrounds. Namely a few outstanding ones like the rich and successful, the poor, the brokened, the orphaned, the sick, the rejects. Meeting up with such people is really very much a daily routine, I guess I didn’t really take time to appreciate & reflect the immediate community around me. And when you come to think about it yea, its rather an interesting world out there. Personally I’ve never seen so much at one go, even back to civilian life (which most of us take for granted before enlistment), miltary life do have its own set of challenges and sadly problems too.

After taking my newly reruited privates for 2months. I guess the real and most challenging part of taking troopers do not come from the training and coaching one recieves while he’s still in specialist school- training for his field of expertise, but instead the moment the very troopers hes gonna lead into battle are handed to him. Not to mention the ordeal of getting the rusted gears in my head to start spining ahead after being a trainee in specialist school following orders for almost a year. Now I am pretty much left alone with my fellow commanders, armed with what we’ve learnt into preping us for this eventual appointment. The sudden feeling of having the shackles of training freed from your legs, allowing you to bark orders & give command is indeed unreal, but something we utilmately look forward too upon graduation. The biggest challenge is enimently responsibilty, “bringing up”, catering and caring for them. As the saying goes respect is earned not entitled, being a relatively new NCO as a military specialist, I guess a junior commander like me do have a long way to go in this learning journey, which had only just begun.


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