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The Ticking Applied Movers Trading Timebomb

An update on the car accident, apparently the driver responsible for the accident had completely disappeared from contact, so Dad had been frantically running up and down to settle claims direct with the company (Applied Movers & Trading PL) where the driver works. The police won’t come into the picture as they said they will only do so if there are casualties or injures in the accident- we are told to settle it with insurance themselves. In the end, we only managed a small $3,000 claim from the insurance – not even enough to cover repair cost, furthermore spending money to repair a car we have for 8 years is unjustifiable considering that it won’t guarantee a fix “like new” fix without and free of problems.

Then Dad felt it is best to scrap the car, doing away with the dinky insurance claim (thats how they make our money folks). Dad got a few good scrap dealer contacts whom he know previously in his car line. Whats more if we scarp the car now, we get at least $21,000 OMV compared to holding it for another few years, which would fetch about $8,000 then. So we would be without a car for some period, till then.. oh well.

The thing which feels disturbing is that how can there be companies out there employing workers who are not even qualified or trained to handle their work tasks? The driver who left the Trailer Truck which rolled into our parked car had a Class 4 driving license, where he actually needs to have a Class 5 to driver a Prime Mover Trailer. If we sue, it would cost us alot on legal fees and we will end up forking more from our own pockets, so does that mean letting letting an offender just Scott free after all the things and destruction he had done? I think so for now. It just makes me so worried each time I see a mover trailer on the road, because, they are just like potential time bombs waiting to start problems.


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