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End of sunday, as we know it.

Let me recap some happenings yesterday night. 🙄 Had an early dinner at home, mom & dad had some loh (black sauce) egg & meat dish with rice and soup, they are always good at such dishes, not bad. Then they all always go bout talking of going into the food business, well thats all talk anyway, no action for now. Visited granny in the evening then dropped by Suntec thereafter as my mum wanted to deposit some carrefour lucky draw coupons. Since we were coming from the eastcoast area towards city, we were warmly greeted by the fireworks released on the National Day preview along the ECP and Benjamin sheres bridge, quite a spectacular sight. & there we were at Suntec, Sis wanted to repair her Nokia 7250i, but the service center was closing & didn’t allowed anybody in. Kinda raided the Carrefour’s supermarket later for sushi & bread for tomorrow’s breakfast. To much of horror, Tower Records at suntec had been severly downsized now bout 1/3 the original floor area with Courts taking over the floorspace, & they are having some 50%-70% off sale, looks bad wonder how long can they hold on.

Moreover, Court’s “so-called” price slash doesn’t raise any brows either, a Canon powershot going at $649 plus a 128MB CF and bag? tough luck! I know of stores going at $586 plus a 128MB CF… Due to all those shopping, PK computers was closed for the day before I could even get to it & amazingly Times the bookshop was still open (bout 9pm) but they didn’t have anything good either.. dang magazines… Suddenly I get to know that the Vin-Mart DIY hardware store isn’t the store I used to know as “tools-R-us” very little goods are stocked there now, not to mention their all patentic torchlight section (yea I was looking for a diver’s one).

And so it was (and still is Sunday) 😎 Very much spent my time relaxing & spending time infront of the computer. Did some surfing for ideas for my home theather PC (HTPC) & hey, DDR dance pads for PC (with converter) Mmmm, imagine hooking that to the living room’s TV for a good dance, not to mention getting my mum to try as she all too engrossed into losing weight now. Dang Itching to play some DDR now, had been sometime since I last DDRed in arcades too. Monday’s tomorrow & its actually the start of a fresh new month, August. Arghh! why do the weenends have to be so short…


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