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It’s Sunday! 2006/2007 IVP

:mrgreen: Just came back from a 15.8km jog at Tiong Bahru park. Calculating my millege, I kinda burn more rubber there then even all my races in one year combined, a good place to chill, relax and clear your mind after a long day at work or chores. Think you definately can’t miss me there – if you see one crazy runner who just keep doing endless rounds for seemingly hours around the park, thats me.

😎 Paced today’s run slower than last friday’s run, very much super conservative marathon pacing, which is really slow and relaxing (targetted 6mins/km pace, but I always hit around 5.8mins/km pace longest). Not bad I say at the end of 15km still not breathless and had not “hit the wall yet” latics are also low, good progress en-route for SC Marathon on December 3rd. I guess it could be due to the surge in leftover glucose in my blood after last night’s buffet dinner at Riverview hotel, celebrating my Mum’s early Birthday dinner.

Mum’s birthday falls next wednesday but it would be too busy to celebrate then, therefore yesterday evening. Nevertheless the celebration was great and she really loved the card and the softtoy birthday sunflower we brought as a present.

The first day of the IVP 2006/2007 was on yesterday, we saw SP taking in bronze for the men’s 200m. Our 400m seems promising for the start with us leading for first 200m but slacked off to the last few positions barely by meters on the last 100m for both our gals and guys. Our mens 10,000m saw a finish of 42:50 and 44mins by darius and pohfong respectively. The overall race pace and timings are a little slower this year, maybe because of the occasional scorching sun in the overcast sky, with the last runner coming in 57 minutes (to 54 mins last year) and the first (NUS) around 36mins. If I were to use my last year’s 47mins timing to gauge for placings this year, I would’ve came in 11/16 place contray to 2nd last position last year.

😆 Some interesting recaps of the week involves myself trying to call in on the Class 95 song bank contest hotline. Never knew it’s so hard to get through, even if I knew all the 3 songs played for few seperate hours on the station, I can never always get through the 66911950 contest hotline (which is always engaged). I guess in order to be the first caller, you even have to dail the station even before the final song is played and take the risk to know the final song title while on still on the line, well all in the name people do for $50 or at one time a snowballed $150. Wow, strategies, not to mention kiasu callers!

Some other misc cool stuffs on the web:
Cool US Military gear, like a solar tentage made from photovoltaic fabric which generate up to 1000 watts of electricity when placed on the sun while keeping it’s occupants shady cool under. Maybe we can get fans or maybe airconditioning from that 1000W right?

Gym Etiquette, from men’s health magazine online.

Mileage for the last week (7 day period 4- 9Sept)
SP Gym 2 Sets Varied Weight Training – Tuesday
SP Track & Field Training, 5 Rounds Campus Field, 1.5km – Tuesday
15 rounds Tiong Bahru park, Friday- 15km
16 rounds Tiong Bahru park, Sunday- 15.8km
Total Mileage for week = 32.3km (100.1% of 30km/week target met)


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