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Singtel Formula 1 Singapore GP 2009 paddock visit by Shell

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Shell to witness the Singtel Singapore Formula 1 GP up close. I was part of a group which were brought around the track and general area by Shell technical directors from London and KL, we were given free tickets for the day to catch the action up close at the grandstands by turn 1, which is just little off the pit building. Not to mention some pit-action thereafter as well.

Look me, look cars!
The F1 2009 SG GP
Live data from our kangaroo tvs!
Niffy kangarooTV
At the pitstop area
At the pits

On top of the action, we were also issued these rather cool Kangaroo handheld TV sets which I recall only can be seen in the most hardcore of F1 fans abroad, it’s not really widely used here and it seemed like a novelty to be able to utilise it for the day. It’s like a mini-computer and receive signals via wi-fi. It is perfect if your grandstand seat is tucked away without a giant screen in sight- you can catch all the TV footage, commentary as well a in-car camera views from all the cars on the grid.

After the track action, we were given exclusive entry to the paddock area and were brought around by Shell’s Stuart Humm. Besides a tour of the garage and how the engineers work on the car, such as the tires (and the warmers), spoilers and stuff, we were introduced to various Shell V-power crew working there, such as Lisa Lilley (Shell Technology Manager) and her crew in the Shell brewery and testing lab. There, we got to check out and learn about Shell’s leading fuel research and analysis team for the Scuderia Ferrari.

With the shell fuel team
In the brewery!
Mmm warm tires
Warm tires
Raikkonen tires
And Raikkonen’s ones too

There we were told of Shell’s very close relationship with the Ferrari team in Formula One to develop the highest performance Shell V-Power race fuels. Shell V-Power has been formulated by the Shell scientists who developed Ferrari’s Formula One race fuels. These learnings are used to develop Shell V-Power fuels for road cars, to help power and protect them worldwide.

The fuel used by the Scuderia F60 is formulated very much similar to that used for cars as Shell V-power, a translation from track to road, hence the term “Shell V-Power, Ferrari fuel for your car”. A dedicated team of Shell scientists use the Formula One environment as a laboratory, working on many factors that affect a car’s engine, then use these insights when formulating Shell V-Power fuels, helping to benefit drivers in many countries. Shell V-Power’s is also formulated with various unique cleaning agents and powerful cleaning Friction Modification Technology (FMT) designed to help increase an engine’s responsiveness, deliver more power and improve driving performance.

At the turn1 granstand
A view of the turn 1 grandstand
A view of the area
An aerial view
The buzzles of the pit area
Action at the pit area

I did not manage to catch any of the drivers Fisichella or Kimi around, but the experience was quite an eye opener particularly all the action going on at the pits and considering that not anyone can have access to the paddock area. Glad that I was able to stay in Singapore long enough to witness this event before flying off to UK over the weekend.



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