Mum & dad had been going for lots of health related course & talks at various hospitals/schools lately & man is the place filled with tons of leaflets & articles regarding all things from osteoporosis to kidney stones. Furthermore, Alexandra hospital is offering free dental checkups, maybe I would try dropping by someday.

The work day ended for me now, with me at home now typing this blog. & man do I have a bad cough, didn’t sleep well last night & to make matters worse, theres IPPT test TODAY! Argh! With all the rumbling & cursing cos I’ve got a pass (my first time) usually, a silver is my basic standard. Well partly because I wasn’t feeling well, ( I did say that I’ve got a bad cough). Got 230cm for SBJ, 14 pull-ups, 47 for sit-ups & 10.2s for shuttle run, but got 12mins for the 2.4km run. Went to the medical center to report sick after the test to get some cough medication. Got 1 day light duty status which i don’t think would be off much use. Rested in bunk before booking out around 3.30om.

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