Well it was a rather busy yet interesting previous week. Kicking off with me getting a nasty 37.6C fever last sunday, eating into monday with me as a duty Sergeant for my platoon. The funny thing is that I usually associate fever with me being on the bed very much half-dead with icepacks or so (or maybe when I was still a kid). I ended up drinking much more than usual and not stress myself too much. I do not know whether I am actually healthier or weaker- having more of such fever outbreaks within the months (must be the workload and lack of sleep) but I am actually going through a fever unscattered performing normal duties only with a warmer body and nothing else… is that better resistance? weird!

However, monday was rather ok for me. I see a plus point having a slight fever, you tend to be rather “switched off”, I guess the need to think so much wasn’t really necessary, being very much like in “boot mode”. And so there I was shouting and giving commands just I wanted them to be, no second thoughts, fast & efficient and hey nothing cocks up, maybe Murphy law didn’t rear its ulgy head that day but it was whew, one day gone & one duty less. Had the night for training out of camp.

Next came the waterpolo match against Arty on Tuesday at Changi naval base, we are in representing our unit Armour. Due to my condition the day before I was very much on the reserves, only able to play a quarter of the game. We didn’t win in the end, however but it was a match well played and the team went for some “aftermatch lunch” thereafter.

Wednesday saw the light and use of all the preps we had been doing for weeks, training! And so it would go till friday. Theres nights off on wednesday, allowing us to finally relax from the work at camp. And theres no time to head home man, just total chill out outside at orchard for a few hours of food and entertainment before heading back to camp for the night.

Friday started with the continuation of training, then followed by an Army Open House related meeting for the exco, they needed a logo to vet urgently submitted, I’ve already submitted mine to the heads, and its up to them to use it or shoot it back. Furthermore they needed the team to come up flash site design for the site within 2 weeks, so I guess I’ve got another rush job up this time again.


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