On a lighter side, found some time today to come out with a design for the Army open house 2004 logo the creative commitee wanted. You can check out the final version of the preliminary logo here. *arr* *clears throat* heres a short explaination of the design:

  • Helmet– Almost all army vocations wears the helmet, it reflects on safety too, the in-thing now.
  • Colourful Upward Pointing Arrows– Signifies the colours, vibrancy of the combat arms & units.
  • Red/White Background– Colours of the Singapore flag.
  • Futuristic Rendered Fonts– The army as a technological advanced army.

Feel free to drop some comments on it.


  1. Good work, shaun. but the arrows look abit weird to me, but I can’t explain why. The overall image appears abit raw to me, maybe you want to give a more innovative and sophisticated feel? really can’t give you good comments cos i am not an expert and I don’t draw as well as you : (

    BTW, I have sent you the draft. Have a look and hopefully give me some comments by Wed. Hope nothing goes wrong *fingers-crossed* (+ eyes-crossed^__*)

  2. hi shaun, i would like to give u genuine comments from my side.
    1. the arrow heads are a little too narrow, preferably a larger edge.
    2. A.O.H and 2004 should be given more contrast w respect to the background and the helmet.
    3. i don;t know about the squarish background, mayb u can try to adding some curves otherwise everything seems a little too blockish

  3. crescene: ok great! I will reply to you saturday. Sorry for the delay but I am in-camp now. Things are alittle restrictive here. But I will try my best to get back to you asap. 😉

    Alan: Mmm yea maybe the arrows coupled with the square background do *straighten* things out alot on the piece heh? 🙂 ok I will work on a revised version soon, hopefully in time for the AOH exco submission too…

    All in hand, I really appreciate the comments provided, thanks man. 😉


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