This is one outing I sure would not miss, considering that Johnson, my BMT bunkmate kinda “booked” us 1 month in advance for this outing (as we are always constantly unavailable). 6 of us (Johnson, JJ, Xingjian, Xiangrui, Jimmy & me, though we met Edwin unexpectedly later on & yea.. Dominic could not make it) managed to meet this evening since we passed out 3 months ago (and went our seperate ways in different units ever since). So theres Orchard for us.

As usual, there’s always lots of toking-cock-chit-chat bout national service, (guys at our age would normally talk bout this naturally and it also something which ours girls would normally dread when they tag along with us.) Zipped down the Marche @ Hereen for dinner, had the beef stew with mashed potatoes dish for $12.90 bucks. Then the good stuff comes FREE- outta blue there’s the hotdog eating competition, followed by the root beer drinking compo. So theres lots of SABO-ING and we got 2 guys from our group to compete in it. I won’t be amused if girls won them flat out (which they did) and man who said good guys always finish last? & sooo we didn’t win but we’ve won ourselves free drink and dessert vouchers for everyone in the group as consolation. Whats more tomorrow? Tim Sum lunch buffet at Miramar hotel! woot!

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