Yup from am back from the 7 day field camp, so how you guys do doing my period of adsence? hehe… anyway, I had my experience to share here, a brief happening of Life !:

Field camp is ready all “all out there to get it” Out field, I really got to appreciate the life there, the wildlife ( not to mention several rare species of insects and arachnids ), the jungle, plantations and forest life, the sweat the dirt the pain and fatigue, thru hell and back you can say! My company, Foxtrot Company in BMTC is well known for their ‘gagang’ ( very “on” and enthusiastic) commanders. Other coys have their field camps basically jus for teaching and testing. On the other hand, ours was made similarly to that of an operation, our instructors got us to apply what we’ve learnt (from drills to fieldcraft) all day by day into our missions. With enemies here and there, with friendly and hostile forces..etc. its really immersive and very much like a war game, all thanks to our officer commanding (OC). Also, we got to march campsites to campsite daily while other companies got to take the tonner trucks ( darn! with our 10kg ++ full battle order its no easy task! ) yes very gagang indeed…. I was appointed platoon commander for 2 days courtesy of my platoon sergeant ( hehheh darn! :p ) and I say, it really taught me much on leadership and made me feel how its like to be in control of so many people. Moreover, during my time of command my platoon was really really cooperative, I respected them as much as they respect me and we got our tasks all done the way we wanted- great nicely and with minimal cock and screw ups ( not to mention the punishments.. lol! ). Personally, the best part of the camp is not only the bonding sessions with our superiors, but also, when I was alone by the campfire at night, spending time by myself, writing my dairy with a tin full of maggi noodles and hot coffee by your side- all after a hard long day of exercises, coupled with the sound of crickets chirping in the dark, a very pleasant experience indeed. Glad the worst is all over… for now

Break Period! Booked out the night where the camp ended and whew, a two day break with May day (a public holiday) being the 2nd day ( Tomorro ) Happy May Day!

And yea! what to do after 1 week of hell? go all the way to pamper myself man! Today- Had lunch at a family restaurant @ Bukit Merah with my mum before heading to Sim Lim Square for 2 new games ( Battlefield 1942 and IGI 2 ) and a WinTV TV tuner card ( hehheh, my computer have a remote now.. *evil grin* ), no more TV hogging at the living room now… Munched my way into a whooper meal @ Burger King Burglinton Square thereafter, before heading home to enjoy my new hardware. hehe!

X-men 2 the movie opens today, will be watching it soon… possiblity over the weekend.

Currently Listening: Bring Me To Life- Evanesence

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