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Johnny English

Had dinner last night at food junction, favorite chicken chop rice before heading up to GV grand to collect my preordered tickets. For a 7.10pm show, the cinema is very crowded and we are glad we’ve made the early booking. Watched Johnny English with my family and I say, the show is completely aimed as a comedy- if you people want just pure laughter, go for the show. LOL It can really make people wonder how did atkinson get the role as a spy? beany as usual, but I guess thats his selling point in show biz.. sadly.. Lol! However, Natalie Imbruglia did look quite good in the show, good for her in stepping into the showbiz industry too. As for those seeking realism and a “better” storyline this show will tend to disappoint. Otherwise its not really worth the $8.50 for a 90min show.

Went to the newly renovated zion road hawker center for supper thereafter, had some fish & chips and desert before heading home to try out my two newest jazz cds brought from “That CD shop” (haha this time the salesgirls can’t charm me now! *I win*, but wait….2 cds? argh! )

On my research on the perfect and intended PDA, I am starting having second thoughts of getting a Sony clie Plam based OS, due to upgradablity options and multimedia. Therefore in my “rentless pursuit” I am now considering the HP ipaq 5450 as an alternative option, features an intel Xscale 400Mhz processor, built in bluetooth/Wi-fi unlike the clies and hey! its running pocket PC 2002, upgradable and costs much less than the clie PEG-NZ90!

Will be booking into tonight, and field camp will be on mid next week, wish me luck!

Currently Listening: 36 classic jazz tracks- Jazz Moods CD 2

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