Thank you guys for all the birthday greetings, letters and messages I really appreciate it. If you didn’t get to catch it, my birthday was on the 25th of this month. And most of the happenings happened in tekong on that day too. And yes It was a good day, everything was brighter that day, cheers and wows- , though I did to esacpe the dreaded taopok ambush, blanket party or ET stick party, surpisingly my whole platoon gave me a nice warm birthday gathering at my bunk where I was led into the hidden surprise in the dark, they had candles on “cake” yea maybe more like a cup warm cupnoodles.. hehe it was fun man.. we had great fun and I really love you guys.. you rock! The presents come later- to keep me entertained are april’s issue of PC gamer, Pop science tech gizmo magazine and a Foxtrot comic book. Whoa!

Today, I finally decided to pass my IPPT today, after staying and coaching my bunkmates for the whole of last week. Many of them had shown very significant improvements, from 0 pullups to 3 and even some 0 – 5 all within one month of training, specially tailored to fit their needs. It’s also very rewarding to see them break the zero barrier and see them fly with their pull ups, standing board jumps and 2.4km run. I finally wanted to disrupt today, as I wanted those free days in my hands. And I feel, its time they are able bodied to carry on themselves. So off I go.. but, I will back.. this wednesday. Freedom is sweet!… However, I am still wondering how I did 2.4km in 11:03 after slacking so much… *duh* miracles :p

And so, I am all back and dry on Singapore mainland, even the deadly SAR virus won’t dampen my spirits- Went out with my family for dinner at greatworld city today, had a zasu (think I got the spelling roughly there) tempura set, chicken claypot rice and ice kakang. I am surprised at my own appetite too, ate the quatity roughly about the same of 2 persons. Maybe its all the training which requires the high carbo intake. LoL! Also, dinner was too, full of surprises, my parents handed a present to me, opened it and woot!, its the $160 pair of Reebok titanium sunglasses I’ve eyeing from sometime.. hehe. Looks very nice with my new army hairdo too.. this rocks baby.

Thereafter, went to “That CD shop” to buy two of Lifehouse’s albums. Linkin Park had their meteor album out for 3 days already, but didn’t get that anyway. The service is very good there, I dunno is it me or what but the salesgirls there just can’t keep smiling and chatting with me.. whee! After leaving the shop.. damn I’ve found out that I’ve spent $43.90 at one go! arghhh! guys are so weak!!

And hey! its my buddy’s birthday today, happy birthday SOR!

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