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Friday, February 28, 2020
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Busy busy!

If I am not wrong, Initial-D opens today islandwide, you definitely can't miss it with the trailers running on loops on TV mobile, sure bores anyone to death on the bus. But I haven't...

Institution of Mechanical Engineers Greenpower Race

The iMech Greenpower race (25th April 2010) is an annual eco-race organised by the institution of mechanical engineers (iMechE) in conjunction with secondary schools, colleges and manufacturers to introduce and promote the engineering profession...

Juvenile delinquents?

:roll: The day started with IPPT trail tests in the morning where my John & great moronness more or less gone for some rugby training. Leaving very much me in the bunk left to...

Team Radicurl – Final Year Project

Ah yes, the thing going on in the minds most of 3rd year students in SP have to be the Final Year Projects, aka FYP. While most had already started theirs since last semester,...

3rd in whole level?

I am 3rd in MY WHOLE LEVEL!!??! :mrgreen: Honours? hahaha whee! But wait that is old news... the rankin's had been on the boards for like for months now... & I didn't even know...

WordPress function integration with Gallery1 pages and wrappers

Prior to upgrading my site and making it more code efficient, I always had a problem of integrating Wordpress and Gallery together seamlessly and call functions from each program without any conflicts. By nature,...

Pizza at home

Here I am typing this post in a room filled with only a strong smell of pizza and nothing else, tried turing off the air-conditioning and ventilating the room but don't seem to help,...

9/11, 2 years had passed…

It had been 2 years since the sept-11 attacks. Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to the families and victims of NY, DC, Pentagon, American Airlines Flight 11, UNITED Airlines Flight 175, American...

Wet week.

The last week is one which truly tests one's ability to carry in all weather conditions- both in the sun and rain. Is was definitely not a "very" wet week but sometimes I feel...

Semester 6 Results Out

I always remembered the date 27th Feb being the release of the semester results, but I was too busy with work, projects, running and university application(s) to even remember it now- As naive as...

Happy Birthday Sheena!

Celebrations was at ChinaTown Point Swensens last night (Saturday), also in conjunction with Father's day around the corner I guess. Initially we wanted to celebrate at Bugis Swensens but I guess arriving at 7pm...

Negative side of Advertlets – the bad and the horrible

Update 02/04/08 Got a rather constructive followup call from Advertlet's Josh Lim discussing on this dated post issues, you can read more of it in my future blog post here. Collected my Advertlets cheque today, it...


Checking out Don Don Donki Central mall Clark Quay

There is nothing stopping the wave that is Don Don Donki. Just this month, the Japanese establishment recently opened their newest and 6th establishment...

Google Pixel 3a released

Izmailovsky Flea Market

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Singapore Airshow 2020 Bayi, F22, F35B Aerobatics

Asia's largest aerospace and defence event is back again in Singapore after a one year break. You can remember the last show being the...

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