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Monday, October 14, 2019
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Hello. test test

Supa busy day

Today are one of the days where my full handphone battery can go flat only by smsing.. After the annual Qing Ming festival, went to try the "popular" prawn noodle @ Bukit Merah (ABC...

Dinner with the Puah Family

Got an unexpected call from Cousin Gordon last Sunday telling me about expanding his home internet network for two PCs from one, only that he does not know how to go about doing it....

Hossan Leong – Talking Cock in Parliament

Teacher showed us this in class today, got this up on blog before the class ended. Must watch! wahahahaha. Now to meet the rest of the track team in the clubhouse later for dinner.

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Advertlets.com - Blog Advertising in Asia!" Earn by blogging! Interestingly, Adverlets not only provides cheques in the mail for your blog Ad earnings but rather cool stickers and badges as well! Money money happy!...

Recap of the Singapore Cambridge TSA, more nerve wracking to come

Just came back from the Thinking skills assessment test at Hwa Chong JC. Just as anticipative as I was to receive the news of the test and the interview about 2 weeks ago, I...

East coast food center

Dinner was at east coast food center, though they had renovated the place quite sometime ago, its my first time there since they reopened. The variety of food there is very limited, though there...

Changi Airport Jewel HSBC Rain Vortex and Shops

Let's check out what Changi Airport's newest attraction has to offer. The Changi Jewel is a brand new $1.3 billion commercial development within Changi International airport, Singapore. Changi airport has a reputation to be...

Start of October

Booking out on friday would be a first & too, a very much welcomed thing for the company. Considering the implementation of the 5 day work work week by our prime minister. Its october...

It’s the 25th of March and Shaun turns 25 today!

The 25th of march is always a cool day for me, haha, but this year it's much more special as this 25th is my 25th birthday, the magical 2 numbers and I am 25...

National Day Observance Ceremony

:mrgreen: This week at school, I see myself scoring 100% for Mechanics Test 1 (yea! perfection!), 80% for the Autocad Assessment one & 99% for the Autocad Practical Class test one. Though I am...

Blood Donation Drive in Singapore Polytechnic

Generally I only see myself donating blood about once every year, otherwise I won't be able to do so when training picks up, if not my coach will really drain my blood if I...


Google Pixel 3a released

With the Google IO over, one of the new exciting announcements would be new phones on the pixel line. Instead of the new Pixel...

Izmailovsky Flea Market

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Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music first impressions

Let’s take a first impressions look at the Garmin fitness smartwatch, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music. The gadget was recently released just middle of...

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