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Happy new 2022 year!

Happy New 2022! It is time of the year again to say goodbye to the past year of 2021 and welcome the new 2022 year.

Also, New year celebrations this year are tad muted, with most of the celebrations held within the heartland district areas.

Wishing you a Happy new 2022 year, and a fresh new year ahead
Wishing you a new year, and a fresh new year ahead!

Strangely, there will also be no Marina Bay Countdown firework display for the second year running. Instead you can catch small minor short fireworks display at 15 heartland locations all over Singapore, including Bishan, Tampines and Boonlay area.

There will however, be a television telecast and a stage performance at the bay, as well as the Marina Bay fireworks, but just without the big ending fireworks.

A new year of restriction lifting?

I can guess everyone would be interested to travel without restrictions again. Where we would expect everyone to start chasing the travel bug once more again. That is something to look forward to in the new year.

Also, 2022 is also a year where we would hopefully see Covid-19 being endemic, with restrictions potentially lifted day after day. For most of us, we have to deal with the simple hassles of remembering to update how you write your dates as 2022 instead of 2021.

New year resolutions are one to consider too. Especially for improvements one can make to one’s life. This would usually revolve about health, fitness and family.

Blessed are those who they are able to spend the new year with family and friends, and to enjoy it with this New Year. Cheers to many years to come!

Happy 2022 New Year! May the new year bring you more happiness, success, love and blessings! Have a great year ahead and many happy returns! Cheers!

Happy new 2022 year!


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