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Stockholm Oldtown Nobel Museum

The Stockholm Nobel Museum is an educational museum dedicated on the achievements of the Nobel award. It located in the heart of Stockholm city in Sweden and great for a short visit to the Swedish achievements in the global award.

The Nobel Museum in the Stockholm Oldtown

In the heart of Stockholm old town

Moreover, a visit to the Nobel museum is not without entering the old town in central Stockholm, known as Gamla Stan. I highly recommend to explore for its assortment of hipster cafe, restaurants and shops.

Stortorget square

Also, the single floored building sits centrally in a main square of the Stockholm Oldtown. Interestingly, it is located in the former Stock Exchange Building (Börshuset). It sits on the north side of Stortorget square within Gamla Stan.

Hi Alfred!
Hi Alfred!

Furthermore, on some background history of the museum. The Nobel Prize Museum was established in 2001. It showcases information and background about the Nobel Prize and Nobel prize winners. This includes as well as information about the founder of the prize, Mr Alfred Nobel (1833–1896), which the award is famously named after.

Showcase of mankind achievements

The lobby of the Nobel Museum, it used to be the Stockholm Stock Exchange Building (Börshuset)
The lobby of the Nobel Museum, it used to be the Stockholm Stock Exchange Building (Börshuset).

Moreover, the museum teaches on the various novel Nobel awards given to findings through science arts, humanities and many more. This is done through movie screenings and infotainment screens covering topics of interests which you can interact via touchscreens as well as physical displays housing inventions which can be stored and displayed.

Stockholm Nobel Museum Cabinets physical displays of various Nobel achievements
Cabinets physical displays of various Nobel achievements.

Notably, these are display through cabinets and cases. Larger exhibits use virtual billboards and photos covering the various Nobel efforts, such as Nobel peace efforts for example.

Lobby area
Info screens

Stockholm Nobel Museum musings

Moreover, the museum has a central hall which houses an overhead rail system moving overhead card banners containing every Nobel Prize winner finding. Also, it tad reminds you of those old traveling messager boxes you used to see in hospitals. It is quite mesmerizing to watch.

Guided tours
Carousel of cards
Overhead Cards

Additionally, the museum does small gudied tour at regular intervals of the day in English. Your guide will point out various points of interests and compliments your visit on your own exploration. There is also a theater gallery introducing you to the origins of the award.

Various informatics displays in the museum grounds
Various informatics displays in the museum grounds.

Also, this hallway leads to a gift shop as well as a small cafe. Interestingly even the cafe has chairs have their bottoms signed by notable figures and visitors of the museum.

Noble cafe
Check under the seat

Additionally, the museum’s permanent display includes many artefacts donated by Nobel Laureates, presented together with personal life stories. Also, notably, here, it covers the main subject area of Nobel laureates, such as the ground-breaking findings in Physics, chemistry as well as contributions to the field of literature and even effort to peace.

Small but effective
Nobel theater
Activity areas

All in all, you are good for the Nobel museum for about 2-3 hours tops. It is not a big museum but one which provides a highlight of an award which recognizes the achievements of mankind. Entry for adults costs 130 SEK, with free entry on The Nobel Day (every 10 December). Good for a learning day out in the old town.



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