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City of Melbourne Sunset from Mount Dandenong

Mount Dandenong is an area of highland just on the outskirts of the city of Melbourne. Notably, it is both a mountain and a small township of Greater Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. The town was formed in the 1900s. Also, it was not till the 1922 where the first motorcars started to set foot into Mount Dandenong.

Moreover, it is home to a population of about a thousand residents. Also, Mount Dandenong is about 35 km eastbound from Melbourne’s central business district. Hence, it is about an hour drive through traffic into the outskirt suburb of Mount Dandenong Victoria.

Aerial view of the sunset from Mount Dandenong with the city of Melbourne in the foreground
Aerial view of the sunset from Mount Dandenong with the city of Melbourne in the foreground.

Notably, when heading east, the mountain is always in clear view in front of you. Also, you pass by through a couple of open farm plains and small towns on the flatlands at the foot of the mountain before entering a wooded area at the foot of Mount Dandenong.

The journey up
Forest on the mountain
Courtyard clearing at Skyhigh

Previously known as Mount Corhanwarrabul

Moreover, on bit of the town’s history. Originally the town of Dandenong was to be named Mount Corhanwarrabul. It was settled in 1893, along with a neighboring town, Olinda. However, to make spelling and pronunciation easier, the then Surveyor-General’s office opted to rename it to a more palatable Mount Dandenong we know of till today.

Interestingly though, not the entire town had caught up to this name change. The town still has some points of interests bearing the old name. Today, for instance, there is still a Mount Corhanwarrabul on another separate Burkes Lookout.

At the top of the mountain, the area of interest is the Skyhigh viewing area. SkyHigh Mount Dandenong is a restaurant located on the mountain top. The ascend up Mount Dandenong is rather short and painless too. It is just a short 15 minute drive up through a meandering forest road. The forests here used to be timber farms.

Aerial shot of Skyhigh on the mountain
Aerial shot of Skyhigh on the mountain.

Furthermore, a number of high end residences are suited here too. It is not long when you reach Skyhigh gated carpark area at the top of the mountain. Entry fees cost you $7 per car (regardless of number of people inside), $20 for vans and buses/coach & $2 per motorbike. There is open air parking available at the top.

Up on the mountain

Mount Dandenong sits at a height of about 633m above sea level. This qualifies it for it to be named a Mountain as it exceed the 610m height to be so.

Up on the viewing decks situated above the roof of the skyhigh restaurant
Up on the viewing decks situated above the roof of the Skyhigh restaurant.

Additionally, there are two viewing platforms up here. They are suited right beside each other one sits above the Skyhigh restaurant. The spot has an open clearing free of trees offering a direct panoramic views. During 1861, the current location of the restaurant was founded as a survey point which exists till today.

On of the two viewing decks
The sun setting
Couple of telescopes on the viewing deck

Clear views of the city of Melbourne

Up here, you are fronted with a clear view of the city of Melbourne. There are a couple of fixed telescopes you can use to peer into the horizon.

View from the deck
View from the deck.

Moreover, on a good cloudy day, you can see the reflections of the sunset giving the clouds a hint of orange. It does make for a rather picturesque sight.

The sunset contrasting on the overcast clouds
The sunset contrasting on the overcast clouds.

Flanking your position are the Dandenong (Melbourne) TV Towers. They are short wave radio towers used for public broadcasting and are suited along the same ridgeline of the mountain you are on.

The TV towers on the surrounding ridgeline on the mountain
The TV towers on the surrounding ridge line on the mountain.

A good time to head up the mountain will be an hour before the stipulated sunset timing. Here, you can easily catch both the day and night views. In addition to that is the sunset too. Also, you can watch as the city lights up as it gets progressively darker. Interestingly, there is a hedge maze as well as a outdoor public toilets available near the viewing deck.

A distant Melbourne city seen from afar on the mountain
A distant Melbourne city seen from afar on the mountain.

Moreover, it does not get too cold up here even on winter months. Interestingly, the mountain gets light to moderate snowfalls at only a few times a year. This usual occurs on the May to June months between late winter and late spring. An abnormally was on the summer months of the Christmas of 2006, where Mount Dandenong experienced a highly unusual summer snow fall.

All in all, you are good at the top for about 2 hours tops, even at your own time. Thereafter, it will take you about an hour to 90 minutes to drive back down into Melbourne city for a good dinner. Mount Dandenong gets a pick for an easy and cheap way to catch a good view of the area as well as laying claims that you been up a mountain in Victoria Australia.

View photos of shots up on Mount Dandenong here.


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