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Brodburger Flame grilled burgers at Canberra

Brodburger Canberra is an independent burger joint operating in Australia. I had a chance to try their selections when I visited Canberra. Brodburger claims to be one of Canberra’s favorite, if not, the favorite burger joint in the region, serving their highly popular flame grilled burgers.

Furthermore. the history has that Brodburger used to operate as a food truck. They started serving burgers out an old red gypsy caravan. They are popular and well known by locals for their flame grilled burgers. To the extent that they have developed quite a community and support base.

The Brodburger joint in Canberra
The Brodburger joint in Canberra.

Notably, if you ask a local in Canberra where is a nice place to chill for dinner over burgers, chances are they would recommend you the joint (well, that was what my friends did at least).

When they had issues to find a new place to operate, the Canberra Glassworks offered them permanent residency in their historic Canberra Glassworks building. A space within their own compound on conditions to keep doing what they do best- keep pumping out and serving great flame grilled burgers.

Menu offerings, the selection is simple, so you can get started with eating the soonest possible
Menu offerings, the selection is simple, so you can get started with eating the soonest possible.

And that is that they did. Fast track to today. Brodburger operates at two other locations in Anu and Fyshwick in addition to this branch I visited in Canberra, Australia. Their burger prices mostly range from about $14 to under $20. They are served with heaps of fries.

The ordering counter inside the Canberra Glassworks
The ordering counter inside the Canberra Glassworks.

Moreover, the restaurant has an inner kitchen area where you place you order and grab a beer. Seating is at an enclosed glasshouse like area which is great for lingering with the locals. It is good for groups and families to dine in. Also, food is ready by buzzing you via a wireless pager, where you self-serve yourself. You have self-help condiment as well as utensils.

Burger offerings

Brodburger Canberra claims that they have the perfect burger for you. Hence, it does not matter whether you’re a traditionalist who loves the rich, meaty varieties, chicken, vegetables or seafood. Their menus seem to speak the same language too.

On the offerings, their classic “Brodburger” is a good choice if you can’t decide on what to start off as a first other. It sets you back $14.50 and comes with a side of fries. Throw in a drink or beer and you can see the prices creep up in the low to mid $20 range.

If you are hungry like I was, go for their Deluxe burger at $21. It is one of their more expensive but totally loaded burger which will make you full (but not uncomfortable) and satisfied when done. Moreover, their Steak burger is the next best to the Deluxe with full beef patties going at $18 each.

The Brodburger Deluxe burger in the flesh
The Brodburger Deluxe burger in the flesh.

Vanilla burger choices includes Chicken ($16), Battered Fin (Fish) at $14.50, Salmon or Lamb at $16. A traditional bacon & Egg cost $16.50 and their Single Cheeseburger starts at $14, bumped up to $19 for their Double Cheese. Vege options includes a Vegburger at $14.50 for ya vegan hipsters out there.

In addition to their burgers are a choice of more affordable hotdogs their Broddog goes at $11, while an American dog goes at $7.

Tasty burgers for the price

Their burger are good for the price. They are well loaded with quality ingredient and taste good even without any sauces. Also worth pointing out is that their burgers are juicy. But not overly watery that it soaks up the bottom half of your burger bun. However, an issue I usually get when ordering your beef burgers medium rare and loaded with sauces.

It can be quite a mouthful
It can be quite a mouthful!

Also, you can make out the flame-grilled burnt marks on your burger patties too. Additionally, their fries not nothing to scream home about, they are crispy but really thin and bear not much weight. Though they are cooked in good oil.

Additionally, their burgers are best washed down with a bottle of beer. They have a selection of craft bottled beer for your choosing too.

Some of the craft beer on offer
Some of the craft beer on offer.

All in all, if you’re a burger buff and you just can’t help but want to wrap your hands around giant, glorious flame-grilled hamburgers, do pop into this buzzing little restaurant at Wentworth Ave.


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Brodburger Canberra
Canberra Glassworks,
11 Wentworth Ave,
Kingston ACT 2604,

Opening Hours:
Daily at two times: 11am–3pm and 5–10pm
Closed on Mondays and early closing at 4pm Sundays.


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