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Sailing the Thousand islands Canada

Thousands islands in Canada is an Archipelago between the United States of America and Canada. The Thousand Islands is rather peculiar formation of small islands in the St. Lawrence River. It is located about 140km from the Canadian city of Toronto.

Sailing out to the Thousand Islands
Sailing out to the Thousand Islands in Canada.

A mass of islands

Furthermore, the Thousand Islands is made out of a group of more than 1,800 islands. Also, the best way to see the islands is via a day ferry cruise with all the comforts.

One of the many tiny islands in the lake
One of the many tiny islands in the lake.

Here, depending on your cruise provider, you can have a large ferry with all the creature comforts, it is served a buffet lunch on board. It is complete with drinks and a guide narrating your cruises in the sights to look for for. Alcohol costs extra. Additionally, a guide on board would point you to the various sights along the way.

Island Map

Back to the cruises. The journey is here is mainly for the sights. Furthermore, these islands are typically residential occupied seaside homes or chalets. Some of them are really tiny, like a small hut built on top of a pile of small rocks.

Also, the river water line at times is seen to be dangerously close to the houses. Not sure how rising sea levels would affect the real estates here down the road.

US Canadian!

Thousand island suspension bridge

Your start your journey passing under the Thousand Islands International Bridge. It is a two way vehicular road and pedestrian bridge.

Sailing under the thousand Islands International Bridge
Sailing under the thousand Islands International Bridge.

Furthermore, the American-maintained international bridge system was constructed in 1937. It spans over a wide river portion over the Saint Lawrence River. Geographically, the bridge connects the northern New York in the United States with southeastern Ontario in Canada.

Also there are a number of interesting item in your cruise would be the “friendship bridge”. It is two islands, each on the US and Canadian side connected via a wooden footbridge.

Friendship island and bridge between the US and Canadian border
Friendship island and bridge between the US and Canadian border.

Furthermore, what makes the area unique is that the islands straddles the international border between the U.S. and Canada. Hence some islands here belong to either side depending on which part of the international boundary they sit on.

Moreover, during the the late 19th century, the thousand islands is a fashionable retreat for the elite. Today the area is a hub for outdoor activities, you can see a variety of pleasure boats as well as canoes out in then lake here. Notably, the water here is calm enough for water sports such as rowing.

Castles and mansions

Additionally, Thousand islands is home to elaborate island mansions. Notable sights to watch out for would be the German-style Boldt Castle on Heart Island.

Interesting Castle buildings along your river cruise Thousand islands Canada
Interesting Castle buildings along your river cruise.

Also, there is the Singer Castle on Dark Island. You can spot it with its Gothic windows and is known to have secret passageway within. Still I found the castles here tad gimmicky, like additions to please and amuse the thousands of tourists which pass through here.

The German-style Boldt Castle on its own island
The German-style Boldt Castle on its own island.

All in all, Thousand islands Canada is a rather quirky way to view some really interesting incarnations you can do with a mass of islands in the province of Ontario. It’s one to see and chill for its relaxation factor when you are in the area or exploring Toronto Canada city.


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